3 Vegetarian Dishes Perfect for Summer

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | August 22nd, 2016 | Main Dishes, Recipes, Vegetarian

TT-Images_08-08-2016When people talk about summer cooking, most of our minds wander to carnivorous meals cooked on the grill- hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken wings, steak tips, and more. However, summer doesn’t have to focus on meats, especially with all of the produce available. That doesn’t mean just serving a green salad or corn on the cob on the side. Those delicious fruits and veggies can be turned into the star of the show.

This week we will be highlight a few new vegetarian recipes that will please palates and quench appetites. However, before we get into these creations, let’s take a peek at a few items from the Think Tasty archives.

Summer Squash Bruschetta– You may hear bruschetta and think appetizer, but this dish easily becomes a meal. First, the squash is a heartier topping than the typical tomato mixture. Second, in the heat of summer it seems that appetites tend to be lighter. Third, these bruschetta are so addictive that you aren’t going to want to eat only one or two. Before you know it, you’ve eaten half a dozen and are fully satiated!

Stuffed Tomatoes– I’ll be honest. My favorite way to eat fresh tomatoes are sliced, maybe with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Unfortunately, that isn’t a filling dish. So, if I want to incorporate tomatoes into my entrée, stuffing them with other ingredients is a great option. This dish is made with faux-meat crumbles, which I find to be a great replacement for hamburger. (I think you might even be able to trick some non-vegetarians as to what they’re eating.) I used feta in this recipe; feel free to substitute with a different cheese, if desired.

Warm Carrot & Quinoa Salad– So, warm salad may not be something that seems like a great summer option, but it really is. When you have a rainy summer day and it’s a bit chilly, this salad is a great option. It’s simple to make, doesn’t heat up the kitchen much at all, and is served more toward room temperature than hot. It’ll take the chill off of the day without overheating anyone. Plus, the leftovers are quite delicious eaten cold the next day when the heat of summer returns.

Be sure to return to Think Tasty throughout the week to discover new vegetarian recipes that are sure to please.

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