3 Weird Ways that Reduce Stress

by Editorial Team | February 28th, 2018 | Cooking Basics

Stress and anxiety is an extremely common disorder: 40 million adults in America are currently diagnosed in the USA. However, many people do not know how to treat it. Your friends and co-workers are probably rife with suggestions of what has worked for them: seeing a therapist, taking medication, or going on a hike. However, we wanted to explore unusual ways that help reduce your stress levels. We went outside of the box to find ways to lower anxiety levels, outlining activities that maybe you haven’t tried before. Keep reading to see three unconventional ways that can reduce stress.

Condition Yourself To Feel Calm
A great way to treat anxiety is to recognize triggers that make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. If you have a weekly meeting that you dread, you can change your thought processes to feel calm and relaxed instead of feeling weighed down by worry. That way, your association with the stress-inducing task can shift from unpleasant to positive. Great ways to condition yourself is to do something that you enjoy when you recognize a trigger. You can drink your favorite tea, eat a certain snack, or take a short break.

Some supplements have calming ingredients that can help create a positive effect when you need it. To find a high quality supplement to reduce anxiety, look at websites such as Analyze That, which compare different supplements based on their price and ingredients. To look through Analyze That, click here. Supplements that have valerian extract and passionflower are natural ways to keep you calm. Soon you’ll be associating your calm, relaxed attitude with a stressful situation, so you can tackle any task with ease.

Although this isn’t something you can do daily, volunteering is a great way to feel good about yourself and reduce the mounting stress you’ve been feeling. If you love cooking, volunteer in organizations like Meals on Wheels or a homeless shelter. If you like animals, working with different strays at an animal shelter can bring you joy. Think about something that you can do a couple hours a week and start being productive. This will not only lift your mood, it will also help shift your negative expectations to positive thoughts overall. Practicing healthy mindfulness and inserting positivity in your life can life your entire mood.

Adopt a Pet
Speaking of animal shelters, adopting an animal is a great stress-reducer. Taking care of a creature helps you feel like you have regained some control in your life. A lot of stress comes from a feeling of lack of control in your life, which is returned now that you have a responsibility at home. Although many people may not have enough time to take care of a dog, there are a lot of pets that do not need a lot of attention, such as lizards, hamsters, or fish. Pets are a perfect companion if you are feeling isolated or lonely.

Stress No More!
That tight, stretched feeling your chest gets when your stress is triggered can dissipate once you’ve found coping techniques that help with stress. Reduce your stress levels by positive conditioning: associate a good feeling with something you have been dreading. You can also volunteer to help the public, or adopt a pet to give structure to your day. Find something that works for you and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief from your release of stressful feelings.

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