4 Common Healthy Eating Mistakes

by Editorial Team | March 14th, 2019 | Cooking Basics

Learning how to eat healthily is a process, and it takes time to get to know the various ins and outs of opting for a largely healthful diet. People inevitably end up making mistakes in their quest to maximize their health. These mistakes are understandable so you shouldn’t beat yourself up too much over them, but it’s important to learn about them so that you can avoid making them at pretty much any cost. To ease the transition into a life where you always choose the healthy option, here are some mistakes that you can avoid making.

#1 Drinking Diet Soda

Everyone knows that soda is one of the worst things that anyone could ever drink. It is loaded with sugar as well as other chemicals, so much so that drinking soda is one of the biggest factors in the recent obesity epidemic that is sweeping the world. Soda doesn’t even provide any legitimate nutritional benefits either, it’s just a fizzy sugar bomb that gets you addicted to itself and doesn’t let up no matter how hard you might think that you are trying. In order to avoid consuming this ridiculous amount of sugar and still get some sweet, fizzy goodness in their lives, people sometimes go for diet sodas instead of regular sodas. These sodas are certainly better for you because of the fact that they don’t have any sugar in them, or at least the sugar content is far lower than that of normal sodas. However, in spite of the fact that diet sodas don’t have any sugar in them, they are not good for you at all. The sweetness in these sodas comes from chemicals like saccharine and aspartame, chemicals that can cause neurological damage to you in the long run.

#2 Eating Fruit Yogurt

An important aspect of eating healthy is changing the snacks that you consume. Snacks are often where we get a lot of the saturated fats and high sugar content that we are trying to avoid, but getting them out of your diet can be tough because it’s nice to have something to munch on every now and again. Hence, it is better to find alternatives that would enable you to have a light bite to eat without wrecking your diet. A common snack that people consume is yogurt, specifically fruit yogurt. The assumption here is that yogurt is good for you, so if you are having it as a snack instead of chocolate or something else that’s sweet, you are doing a good job at eating healthily.This is completely untrue. Fruit yogurts have tons of sugar in them, that’s why they taste so good! Eating fruit yogurt or frozen yogurt is not that much better than eating ice cream. If you want a healthy snack, yogurt is definitely a good option but not with so much sugar. You would do better to mix some honey into plain, low fat yogurt instead. This will sweeten it up without turning it into an enormous calorie bomb.

#3 Replacing Soda With Juice

This is another situation where your replacement is not that much better than the original food that you were consuming. Juice tends to have a lot of sugar in it, far more than you might have thought possible. It often has less sugar than soda, but the amount is not nearly low enough to warrant it being declared a healthy beverage. There is nothing wrong with a good, old fashioned glass of water if you are thirsty, and if you want a more pleasant drink you could always make your own juice at home and just not add any sugar to it.

#4 Going Overboard on Cheat Days

Cheat days are important because they help us give our healthy diet some longevity, but we often end up going way overboard when it comes to the food that we eat on these days. Try to restrict it to a cheat meal, and if not at least make sure that you stick to no more than three meals on that day. Go for a Toronto healthy meal delivery service instead of fast food, this will give you a tasty meal that won’t harm your health.

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