5 Appetizer Recipes Perfect for Summer

by TT Editors | July 4th, 2016 | Appetizers, Recipes

Bruschetta may bring tomatoes and basil to mind; this recipe will introduce you to a whole different type that involves cheese and honey. Get the recipe here.

Sticking with the theme of a cheese-based bruschetta, we continue with this recipe. Using a different cheese and adding some fruit, we have another delightful way to top your crostini this summer. Get the recipe here.

Get the grill going for this appetizer. These eggplant rounds will make a nice alternative to a meat-heavy bbq menu. Topped with fresh mozzarella and seasonings, they are a nice vegetarian option. Get the recipe here.

Whether you have a garden overflowing with zucchini or purchase it at your local farmstand, the next two recipes are perfect. This simple recipe is sure to please the cheese lovers with its double cheese topping. Get the recipe here.

Want something light and refreshing to round out your appetizer menu? These zucchini spears offer a zing of flavor and very few calories. Get the recipe here.

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