5 Things You Can Achieve In Life By Knowing How To Cook

by Editorial Team | August 22nd, 2019 | Cooking Basics

Learning to cook is certainly something we should all be willing and able to do but sadly it’s a skill that is in decline in America, in fact, high-school students enrolling in home economics classes are down 40% in recent years. But this is something we should look to address as there are many benefits to being able to cook, in so many different aspects of life and here we are going to look at five of the best.

Getting A Date

We all know that the traditional dinner and a movie date is an American classic but really if you want to show you are a good catch for the long-term then how better to do it than to cook for your date? In the era of online dating and a quick, convenience everything, it’s said that the home-cooked dinner date is dying out, which is why this approach can really help you stand out from the crowd. It will give you a stress-free start to the relationship, shows you are resourceful and know how to look after yourself, and perhaps any future family.

Healthy Lifestyle

Your own health can really benefit from home cooking as well. It’s surprising to many how bad convenience food is for you, the level of salt in pre-prepared meals can be astonishing, in fact, if you think about slat you add to dinner being the main culprit then think again, it’s only culpable for around 5% of intake. There is hidden salt in so many things, store-bought bread is a major culprit, for example.


For younger people cooking can give you a real experience of independence, cooking your own cheap student meals can be both healthy and good for your bank balance as cooking your own is much cheaper than eating out or buying in ready meals.

A Career

Cooking can even be a career and there are so many different types of chefs or cooks in the world, take Chef Paul Gelose as an example, he claims that it has allowed him to travel around to different areas and subsequently owning his own restaurant. You can even work for food manufacturers or even for large organizations, including the Army. Outside of cooking itself there are professional career avenues in areas such as food safety or sports nutrition as a few examples. You can even work as a restaurant critic or food blogger or journalist.

Simple Fun

After going into all the above detail we are maybe also neglecting to state the obvious, that cooking can also be fun! Even an activity to enjoy with the family, it can be a source of quality time with your children and also teaches them a valuable life skill that they can then pass along to the next generation. I mean what’s better than mom or granny’s soup and making the families birthday cake from scratch gives a lovely, personal touch to the occasion.

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