5 Ways to Use Marinara Sauce

by Editorial Team | August 4th, 2022 | Cooking Basics

If you love Italian cuisine, then you will probably love marinara sauce. In Italian, it is called pasta alla marinara, which means “pasta in the style of a sailor” and is devoid of seafood. The name marinara most likely refers to the place coastal Naples, where tomato sauce originated too. Four simple ingredients—ripe whole tomatoes, fresh garlic, olive oil, and herbs—are all needed to make marinara sauce. The Mussels marinara recipe is something you can also try using the marinara sauce.

The key to making the traditional Italian sauce is to simmer the tomatoes, basil, onion, and garlic until the sauce is thick and reduced and the flavors of the natural sugars have been concentrated. It’s wide enough to serve as pizza sauce.

The recipe for mussels marinara

Just a few essential ingredients make up this marinara for mussels. Like any good Italian dish, simplicity calls for the finest ingredients possible. Here are some tips for making a fantastic mussels marinara:

  1. A Wonderful Marinara Sauce

A simple marinara sauce, which uses just a few high-quality ingredients, is used in this recipe. It is essential to use fire-roasted tomatoes; you can find them easily online or at most grocery stores. Along with fresh basil and balsamic vinegar, their sweet flavor makes it simple to prepare this marinara quickly.

  1. Fresh mussels

For this recipe, you’ll also need the best mussels possible. Use a reputable vendor, and abide by our recommendations for sustainable seafood.

  1. Spaghetti or Bucatini

It’s simple to taste the difference between poor and good pasta! Pick a pasta brand you can believe in. This recipe calls for bucatini, which is spaghetti with a middle hole.

After preparing the marinara, you’ll simmer the mussels in it for 6 to 8 minutes, or until they open.

Marinara sauce, when cooked briefly, is a mouth-watering delicacy. The homemade marinara sauce has become a classic in Naples and worldwide. So, here are five delicious marinara recipes to improve your Italian dishes.

What Goes With Marinara Sauce?

Many different kinds of appetizers pair well with marinara as a dipping sauce. Simply put it in a small bowl and serve it with chicken wings, jalapeno poppers, or fried mozzarella balls. Now read on to see how to use the marinara sauce in your recipes.

Melts of Chicken and Polenta Puttanesca

This recipe will need one and a half cups of marinara sauce. This 25-minute meal combines chicken cutlets, precooked polenta, capers, and olives with a Puttanesca sauce inspired by classic Italian cuisine. All ingredients are nestled in a skillet in marinara sauce and boiled until the mozzarella is melted and bubbling.

Spicy vegetarian chili

Two cups of marinara sauce will deeply meld the flavor of chili. The chili will get a significant head start and cook in less than an hour. Instead of traditional ground beef, black and red kidney beans are used in this vegetarian chili recipe to add weight.

Baked Pork-Meatball Skillet

This recipe simmers a jar of marinara sauce in a skillet with homemade pork-fennel meatballs, sautéed peppers, and onions. Provide plenty of crusty bread with the dish so guests can mop up the extra sauce, which becomes even more flavorful after cooking with the other ingredients.

Feta-Marinara Dip Baked

This recipe will need one and a half cups of marinara sauce. Feta cheese is baked in a pool of marinara perked up with another secret-weapon ingredient: smoky roasted piquillo peppers. It’s delicious to the last drop, so serve the tangy, creamy goodness with plenty of crostini.

Shrimp Seasoned with Garam Masala

Many dishes all over the world start with tomatoes and garlic. The fragrant base of this recipe, which also calls for one and a half cups of marinara sauce, is built upon garam masala, fresh ginger, and scallions.

What Else You Can Add To Marinara Sauce

An essential mussels marinara recipe includes tomatoes, garlic, and oregano and is one of the best recipes. Do try it.

Finally, if you enjoy seafood, you can make a delicious Sugo Alla Pescatore (fisherman’s sauce) by combining your marinara sauce with anchovies, mussels, or oysters.

Hopefully, with all these suggestions, you have found the right match for your mussel marinara sauce.

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