6 Citrus Recipes to Brighten Your Menu

by TT Editors | March 7th, 2016 | Recipes

Last week we provided you with tips on cooking with citrus and 3 new recipes. Today we’re taking a peek into the Think Tasty archives.

We’ll start it off with a dish that could be used as an appetizer or side- Local Corn Salsa. Get the recipe here

This recipe could be a great starter or main dish, depending on your meal. Get the recipe for Lemon Pepper Tuna Cakes here.

How about a light dressing for your favorite salad? This Lemon Vinaigrette could be the perfect salad topping. Get the recipe here.

Want to enliven your veggie side dish? Infuse some lemon into your brussel sprouts. Get the recipe here.

We’d be negligent if we didn’t include a dessert recipe or two. Let’s start with a basic recipe for lemon curd. Get the recipe here.

Finally, a family favorite in the Think Tasty household- Lemon Squares. Get the recipe here.

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