6 Delicious Appetizers for New Year’s Eve

by TT Editors | December 21st, 2015 | Cooking Basics

Stuffed mushrooms are an almost expected appetizer. Filled with shrimp, these are sure to wow! View recipe

Meatballs make a perfect party snack. They’re warm, flavorful, and able to be eaten while standing and chatting. View recipe.

What’s a party without dip? This warm dip ratchets up the dip game a notch. View recipe.

Not only are these crab cakes elegant, they also can be made any size you like: bite-size or fork-worthy. View recipe.

These savory squares have been a favorite in my family for years. Make a pan-ful and watch them disappear. View recipe.

One dip is good; two dips are even better. Serve with carrots, celery, and tortilla chips.View recipe.

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