6 Dessert Recipes Featuring Bourbon

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | April 3rd, 2020 | Recipe Collection, Recipes

What more can I say?
Bourbon + sugar = ridiculously indulgent and delicious desserts

Dessert recipes that feature bourbon

Need a reason to use your bourbon for more than just cocktails? Keep reading!

Bourbon Vanilla Peaches– The hardest part about this recipe? Waiting 12 hours for the peaches to absorb all the yummy bourbon and vanilla flavors! Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Bourbon Apples– These are more of an instant gratification fruit and bourbon recipe. Just a little cooking time, and the apples are ready to be enjoyed!

Bourbon Cake– If you want to really tempt yourself, this is the cake to make. Not only is it cake (so, yum!), it also fills your home with the delightful aromas of sugar and bourbon while it bakes and cools.

Bourbon & Brown Sugar Mixed Nuts– These make a fine accompaniment to many a cocktail or glass of wine. I’ve served these at numerous cocktail parties and received great compliments. Of course, you can also just make a batch to enjoy on your own.

Bourbon Sugar– This is a bourbon treat that keeps on giving. Make a jarful, and you’ll have a supply of bourbon sweetness to spice up your coffee for days and weeks on end.

Bourbon Sauce– Finally, one of my first forays into bourbon desserts. Serve it on ice cream or a slice of angel food cake. It’ll take your dessert from simple to elegant in no time.

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