6 Essential Things to Remember When Travelling With Your Dog

by Editorial Team | March 2nd, 2018 | Cooking Basics

Are you desperate to take your pet along while you travel? Well, if that is the case, then you should be well-aware of the pet travel policy. It will be a smart move to do some homework at your end and prepare a checklist of things that you should remember while traveling with your dog.

Things to remember when traveling with your dog

Check out the temperament of your dog
It is never a smart move to travel with dogs that suffer from anxiety.This is why the best move is to avoid the high-stress dogs on the plane. Most airlines only allow dogs that are quiet. This is why you should judge the temperament of your dog before deciding to travel with it.

If you are too desperate to travel with a nervous dog, then in this situation you should carry sedatives with you,but the sedatives should be your last resort. Remember that sedatives may have side effects. For example, they may lead to breathing problems in pets.

Book your dog’s space in advance
Most airlines have a certain rule,and that is they only allocate a certain space for the dog in the cabin.This is why the smart move will be to call in time to check out the space your dog will be allocated to the cabin.

Plan the travel budget of your furry friend
If you cannot think of traveling without your dog, then there is yet another factor that you need to keep in mind,and that is the fee. You will have to bear an additional cost if you decide to travel with your furry friend. In some cases, it can be more than $100. It is important to research the cost of bringing your pet. In fact, flying on a private jet costs may be less than commercial.

Decide the eating routine of your pet before the travel
What you want the most is that your furry friend should be comfortable in the plane. For that, you need to adopt certain measures. Make sure that you take the water bowl away two hours before you are supposed to travel. It will also be a smart idea not to feed your pet the morning you will travel.

The purpose of this activity is to avoid accidents on board. However, if you are worried about dehydrating your dog, then the smart move will be to give an ice cube to the dog. This will help to satisfy the quench for water.

Carry blankets along to protect your pet from the cold cabin environment
You need to remember another important aspect when traveling with your pet. Some planes do have floor air conditioners,and this is why the environment of the cabin may become extra cold in this situation. This is why you should make sure that you keep some extra blankets along when you are traveling with your pet.

Make the carrier comfortable
If you want your pet to travel in comfort, then the pet carrier needs to be comfortable as well. What you should do is line the carrier with fur. The benefit of this practice is that the fur will be able to absorb all the moisture and your pet will remain comfortable.

If you plan to travel on an American Airlines, then do communicate your concerns related to the American Airlines pet policy to the concerned officials so that your queries can be answered in time.

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