6 Tips for a Lovely, Yet Simple Brunch

by TT Editors | March 14th, 2016 | Cooking Basics

Begin the night before, set out all needed glassware, silverware, dishes, and linens.

Don’t serve anything that needs to be made a la minute. Opt for oven-baked french toast, egg stratas, and scones/muffins, not pancakes

Meat does need to be cooked last minute. Opt for sausage simmering in a covered pan or bacon cooked in the oven.

This is brunch, so don’t forget to include a lunch or appetizer dish (especially if it is elegant), especially if it one that can be made in advance.

To give more eye appeal to your offerings, set the foods at different heights. Put those neglected cake stands to work!

A simple centerpiece of a bouquet of flowers adds a delightful amount of beauty.

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