A Happy & Delectable Gift

by Editorial Team | February 21st, 2020 | Cooking Basics

Do you have a favorite foodie who always stumps you when it’s time for gift giving? Perhaps you consider buying a fun, new kitchen item but wonder if she already owns it? Or maybe you think about sending a gift of food but know that he prefers his homemade version best.

Worry no more! I have an idea for gift giving that will reflect your friend or family member’s interest in food but has nothing to do with the kitchen. Allow me to introduce you to Realistic Food Blankets! These blankets allow you, almost literally, to be wrapped up in your favorite food.

Even better than the fact that you can give a food-based gift, that your gift recipient won’t own already, is that you can choose the food that is perfect for him or her. Pizza, sushi, cinnamon rolls? Yes, there are blankets for each of those. For that matter, what’s better than a warm chocolate chip cookie? A Chocolate Chip Cookie Blanket.

Besides feeding their food cravings, these blankets are a perfect gift to make you feel snug. These blankets are soft, warm, and cozy. Who knew that a blanket could make you feel as good as fresh from the griddle pancakes? And yes, there is a pancake blanket available.

Say goodbye to gift giving indecision, and say hello to the perfect food-related gift. Go and find the perfect blanket now!

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