A Trip down Shoreditch: London’s New Meat and Veggie Haven

by Editorial Team | July 5th, 2013 | Techniques, Tools, and Tips

PK-Generic iconAlthough London is known as a culinary giant to the rest of the world, not all gourmet hunters find their way to the hidden gems veiled from the main city streets. With a melting pot of cultures by the East End, it shouldn’t be surprising to find some unique savory experiences from foreign inspired cuisines. This fresh Asian fusion restaurant might just pique your interest. The new 100 Hoxton Restaurant what with its assortment of choices that spans polar preferences, is slowly boosting its credibility as the next food giant in London. Here’s a peek as to why the street of Hoxton is the new meat and veggie haven.

Tender meat and savory spices

While the busy city of London is already a festival on its own with plenty of art galleries, architectural wonders, and unique merchandise, what most tourists do not know is that the city is also host to some Asian-inspired cuisines. With expert chefs and top-rate cooking skills, Hoxton’s meat dish choices are known for their unique tenderness and festival rich flavors. For first timers, nothing comes close to their seven spiced crispy quail, which is housed and roasted carefully with yellow plum chutney combined with some chicory and baby onion salad. Their twice cooked lamb is also a must try especially for those who fancy an Indian taste on their plates. And for pork lovers, you shouldn’t be disappointed with their own craft, which has a combination of pickled papayas, red pepper paste and lime, roasted slowly for the right level of taste and tenderness.

Healthy vegetarian salads and sweet snacks and desserts

Spanning both ends of the gourmet spectrum, the Asian fusion restaurant also caters to those who prefer the leafy greens over meat. In fact, their list of desserts and salads just might rank among the best in Shoreditch. From the presentation alone, you would find that each dish is carefully planned to combine both healthy and hearty. You see, their eggplant salad is one way to look at how to create your own with their one of a kind concoction of fresh fruits. The dish combines toasted coconuts, cherry tomatoes, apple slices among others and an addition of macadamia nuts. If you’re craving an alternative to salads, then do not look elsewhere since their dessert menu also offers quite a diverse preference. The regular yoghurt favorite for the vegetarians who frequent the place is the Indian staple shrikhand. With a little alteration of the ingredients, the dessert is filled with mango pulps to contrast the crunchy taste of cardamom. Visitors of the restaurant should expect no less than a taste of diversity with London’s diverse culinary industry.

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