A visit to Victoria: food and drink not to be missed

by Editorial Team | February 14th, 2020 | Restaurant Destination

There is so much to see and do when spending time in Victoria, Australia, but you definitely do not want to miss the array of food and drink-related delights on offer. Continue reading for our advice on must-haves while you are there. 

Wineries and Vineyards

There is a great number of wineries within Victoria, with the most popular being located within the Mornington Peninsula. With a variety on offer, it is best to research in advance to decide which is your preferred choice. Some will accept visits by appointment only, whereas others open just at the weekends. There are also some wineries which are open every day and even have attached restaurants to combine their delicious wines with local delicacies. Melbourne’s YarraValley is also home to some spectacular wineries and vineyards with a great selection of tastings and tours being on offer. These two areas are certainly not to be missed. 

Beach Bars and Grills

There is something very special to be said about finding a gem of a beachside bar or restaurant in which to indulge in tasty food and drink. A great number of bars and grills exist located by the beautiful beaches of the Victoria coast. However, finding one that people return to again and again can be a little more challenging. Sebastian beachside restaurant in Williamstown offers fresh quality produce at reasonable prices. The menu also caters for those with specific dietary requirements, which can be a very important consideration for many. Evening diners can even partake in exceptional food and drink at the same time as watching the sun set. What more can someone want from a beach grill? 

Pop Up Restaurants

Pop up restaurants really seem to be gaining popularity all over the world, but in Melbourne, they seem to be everywhere. From MasterChef winner Sashi’s pop up in 2018 to far less famous offerings elsewhere, Melbourne certainly seems to attract the very best. It is definitely worth looking around and you are bound to find a pop-up restaurant serving food to tantalise your taste buds. From Chinese to Spanish tapas, Mexican to traditional Australian, there certainly is something for everyone. The most challenging part is narrowing down your choice to just one (or maybe you don’t have to!). 

Local Produce

Farmers markets are a great place to find the delights of Victoria’s local produce. Hume Murray Farmers Market, Rutherglen Farmers Market and Mornington’s Main Street Market are all fine examples and popular places to discover the vast range of food this area has to offer. Food and wine trails are also fantastic ways to see what is available locally. There are over 30 varieties of honey to be found in Australia and this region offers very tasty ones; don’t miss out. Visiting a pick your own strawberry farm is something not to be missed too. Why do strawberries taste so much better when you’ve picked them yourself? Local cheese is also a speciality that you really must indulge in to say you have properly experienced Victoria.

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