Added-Value Services to Look For When Choosing a Wholesale Food Provider

by Editorial Team | July 26th, 2017 | Ask the Chef

If you’re a business owner looking for a wholesale food provider, there is no shortage of options. However, just like in any other industry, no two companies are exactly the same. Finding the right provider for your business is key to ensuring you can deliver the quality of food your customers expect on a daily basis. Not only that, you need to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some added-value services you should look for when choosing a wholesale food provider.

Local Sourcing

Terms like “farm to plate” have taken over the food industry. Many food wholesalers have recognized this trend and are striving to provide their customers with the kind of food and service that consumers are looking for. To keep up with people’s growing awareness of where their food comes from, many wholesalers are sourcing their food from local sources when possible. In addition, they are also following some of the other popular trends like “free range,” “hormone-free,” and “steroid-free.” If you believe your customers want locally-sourced food then you should ask suppliers about their efforts to find what your customers are looking for. If they can’t provide what you need, look for a new supplier that can ensure you have a product that your customers will enjoy.

Charitable Efforts

Not only do you need to feel good about the food you are buying, you also need to feel good about who you are buying from. Many companies will proudly display their charitable efforts on their website or buying materials. Aligning yourself with a company that goes above and beyond is something you can feel good about. If a company does not share your values then you should find one that does. Many food wholesalers use a portion of their revenue to help fight hunger. If you choose a wholesaler that goes above and beyond, you can feel even more proud about the food you sell.

Food Preparation Expertise

Some food wholesalers will offer guidance on how to prepare the food they sell. This guidance could be as in-depth as how to prepare specific dishes, or as broad as staying on top of the latest trends in the food industry. If you are paying for their services, you should take advantage of everything they have to offer. Having a professional chef as part of your support team is always a great added-value option that many people do not utilize.

Sustainable Foods

Not only do we want to ensure the food we serve is available today, but we also want to ensure that same food is there for generations to come. Inquire with your food wholesaler about what they’re doing to promote sustainable food sourcing. If the wholesaler does not have a good answer for your question then that should raise some alarm bells. Many consumers are becoming more and more aware of what “sustainable” means. It’s likely people will ask if your food is sustainable or not. Sustainable food is not a fleeting trend and you should strongly consider wholesalers that offer a sustainable food option.

Fast Delivery

Sometimes the most simple services go overlooked. Fast delivery is an important feature to look for from any food wholesaler. Do they have a warehouse near you? How long is it from order to delivery? Do they work on weekends? Is there an option to get emergency deliveries? All of these are questions you should ask before making an agreement with any food wholesaler. If they can’t provide the food you need when you need it, are they really much of a help?

Progressive Pricing

This is at the bottom of the list because pricing should be one of the final considerations. Of course, it’s important to get a great price on your food. But price should not trump everything else. People will pay more for a quality product. Don’t sacrifice quality in the name of short-term savings. This is especially true if you feel the wholesaler does not provide the types of added services that you and your customers care about. Ask about volume discounts and potential added costs for things like same- day delivery.

A company that wants to nickel and dime you for everything while also not offering the quality services that their competitors do is a company that clearly isn’t working very hard to earn your business. Before you spend a single penny, ensure the value meets your expectations.

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