Bagel Guillotine by Larien

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | August 23rd, 2010 | Techniques, Tools, and Tips

All four of our children enjoy bagels.  It’s not uncommon to see a bagel being toasted for breakfast or lunch on any given summer day.  Some of the time we stock our pantry with pre-sliced, packaged bagels, and other times we have either homemade or bakery bagels, which need to be sliced.

As all of the kids are old enough to make their own bagels to their liking, we thought it would be best to buy some sort of bagel slicer to make that part of the meal preparation easier.  This purchase would eliminate the need for a cutting board and knife, ensure that bagels were sliced evenly in half, and protect fingers from a wayward blade.  With these three thoughts in mind, we purchased the Bagel Guillotine.  How did it perform?

  • Protecting fingers- With a handle and clear plastic shield encasing the pointed blade, there is no way that someone could cut his or her fingers while using this tool.  It definitely has kept all of our fingers intact.
  • Slicing evenly- The bagel is placed inside the cradle, and the blade is centered above it.  Unless you purchase mini-bagels, you are assured of getting an evenly cut bagel every time you use the guillotine.
  • Eliminating cutting board and knife- Obviously the guillotine met this goal.  However, depending on the type of bagel you eat, the guillotine could make a bigger mess than a cutting board and knife.  If you choose a bagel with a sticky topping, the insides of the guillotine will be coated with that topping.  As the cradle is narrow, it will take more time to clean the inside of that than it would take to clean the cutting board and knife.

What’s our summation of this tool?  It’s a handy tool to have but can be more work than anticipated.  As long as you enjoy bagels with no or dry coatings, then it’s a definite tool to purchase.  If you like bagels with sticky coatings, you may want to stick with slicing bagels on a cutting board to save some time on cleaning.

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