Bar Runners – Innovative Ways to Increase Your Brands Awareness

by Editorial Team | March 23rd, 2020 | Cooking Basics

The concept of brand awareness refers to a degree to which clients are able to recognise and remember a brand. Consumer behaviour studies are based on this one key consideration – how well you do your job of advertising or promoting the brand, has a lot to do with how well the viewer or user has a recollection of it and most importantly makes the purchase.

Acquiring an item is hindered up to the point where the consumer is made aware of saidproduct, how it fits in the bigger picture and what it does. This then helps make their decision easier and chances of a purchase, higher.

But, how does one do this successfully?

Enter Top-of-the-Mind-Awareness

There is a concept called ‘top-of-the-mind awareness’ which is the idea that there are usually on average, three brands that consumers can recall when asked a question about a product from a specific category, and out of these three, they will remember one significant one. Why would they remember this particular one, I ask? Read about this notion here.

Let’s take a scenario where, a product is in front of your sight constantly, everywhere you go, at the bus stop, train station, restaurant poster, venue advertisement, club event … chances are you will remember it significantly more, then all the others that you see lesser. This is one of the reasons why companies, will often display their products in as many places as possible, so as to keep it on the forefront of the consumers’ minds. This repetition refers to ‘top-of-the-mind advertising and helps people remember, resulting in what they often think is a genuinebuy.

This form of brand awareness works particularly well, especially in instances where impulsive buying decisions are prominent. Pubs and night clubs for instance – if people aren’t sure what drink they want they often look around for a clue or see what the guy next to them is drinking.

Many times, I have personally been victim to this approach, seeing a spill mat that saidTUACA on it, I followed it up with an unapologetic order for myself and my 4 friends for this drink I knew nothing of mainly because it was displayed so prominently and … it sounded exotic. The runner looked incredibly enticing in its big embossed wording in a bold strawberry red hue, boasting a logo of two lions – one on each side, and a slogan that stated ‘Start Chilled. Finish Responsibly’. Turned out to be a very nice Italian Liquor made of Brandy.

Why Do Bar Runners Work in Promoting Your Brand?

There are multiple ways you can increase the brand awareness of your company. Some work and others don’t. We are here to inform you about the ones that work.

Have you ever wondered why bars display their runner mats so blatantly in every possible space in their establishments? A runner; the type that are branded and displayed on the counter top of different venues, not the type that are hired as a bartender’s assistant and runback and forth serving drinks to people, is the little or big mat with names of different products and brands on them created in exciting flashy colours and designs. Not only is this form of ‘top-of-the-mind’ or display advertising, visually appealing but it also enhances the overall theme and appeal of a celebration or occasion, not to mention it is also very practical.

They soak up spills, keep the bar tops from glass stains and advertise your brand name all at the same time, and they even come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can publicize your company’s logo on it, with a slogan and a name to bring a personal touch to an event like a birthday or an engagement. These are also very popular in exhibitions or trade shows and displaying them means customers can recognise you from a mile away. It looks more professional and aesthetically pleasing.

The printing process is also done in a very effective way, using a method called dye sublimation. This allows the paint to soak deep into the fabric so it lasts a long time before needing any replacing and also has a higher resolution Most print shops supply everything, from a choice of different sizes to the design (either they can design the pattern for you or they can use your own design) and colour of the final outcome.

These custom-made runners, are one of the fewer forms of advertising that work anywhere and cost half as much as display advertising on billboards or television or even online i.e. social media advertising, making a significant impact on sales for all kinds of business niches.

Pictures speak a thousand words and in places like bars or pubs where the traffic of customers is at its highest, these mats do all the talking. The information displayed is often clearly related and vibrant enough for people to look at it once and remember the name or the brand. 

Custom or tailor-made designs especially, add a great focal point to any occasion and complements the rest of the theme of any venue. Nowadays it is a very rare sight to see a naked counter top with no mats or runners.

If you have ever wondered what material bar runners are made from, look no further. 

These exciting options are derived from a rubber source called nitrile, which is layered with a polyester surface on the top and the rubber beneath to avoid it from slipping. This top is 100% washable, with a highly absorbent exterior where the printed work is done. Companies can produce various designs for you using either CMYK colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) or RGB (Red, Green Blue). 

The end result is an exceptionally high-resolution design, produced in a factory, using high-grade equipment that embosses your company logo, name, slogan, and image, tailored to your liking. 

Some of them also have ridges that are similar to bar mats, that stop the glasses or bottles from spilling when they are placed on the mats. It is a very clever strategy indeed. 

So, if you are looking for ways to let people know that your brand exists, or you just want to remind them of it, by keeping your brand in front of their minds all the times…there is no better way to do it then display advertising in the form of a bar runner.

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