Basics That Don’t Really Need a Recipe, But. . .

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | February 27th, 2017 | Tasty Thoughts

recipe cardI recently saw an article about the 20-some recipes that everyone should know before the age of 30. As I reviewed the list, it seemed that many of the items on there I already had shared on Think Tasty. What surprised me, though, were some of the things that they considered to be recipes. Grilled cheese? Isn’t that just bread, butter, and cheese? And, don’t most people know how to make that by the age of ten?

Then I considered the fact that I always have enjoyed working in the kitchen. Maybe if you’re less inclined to cook, knowing how to make something, such as a grilled cheese, isn’t that simple. And maybe, all of those shortcuts and substitutions that easily come to mind for me, don’t for others.

This thought was reinforced at my dentist’s office the other day. While I was in the chair, the dentist and her assistant were discussing the fact that most patients chose to watch cooking shows while there. The dentist then remarked that these shows present meals made in 10 minutes that possibly couldn’t happen at home. If I hadn’t had a mirror in my mouth, I would’ve stated, “It’s really not that hard.”

I know that some recipes shown on tv (or anywhere else) are more difficult than the chef presents, but I also know that cooking isn’t as hard as many people think. I understand if someone just doesn’t enjoy it, but cooking really can be a fun task. It gives you time alone (or with help, if you prefer) to focus on a process. Listen to music, think about your day, or what have you while you prep and cook your meal.

This week I’m going to focus on the simplest of recipes- very few ingredients, not a lot of kitchen time. Although simple, these recipes also are an easy way to add a homemade touch to a dish. Take the time, and then announce, “I made those- from scratch!”

As always, we’ll kick off the week with two recipes from the archives, which also are quite simple.

Macerated Fruit– Most importantly, you need to call it macerated; it sounds much better than fruit that’s been coated in sugar or liqueur. Just the name will make the dish more elegant. And taking the time to macerate the fruit will up its flavor. Double win!

Homemade Bread Crumbs– I know, they sell bread crumbs at the grocery store. Why buy them? It’s a great way to use old bread, and it also give you the opportunity to decide if you want soft or dry breadcrumbs. Different recipes call for each. Plus, it’ll lessen the amount of food waste, which is always good.

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