Birthday Cakes: Flavor in Your Business

by Editorial Team | April 26th, 2018 | Cooking Basics

To start a business of elaboration and decoration of birthday cakes is an idea that facilitates the life of many people and allows you to obtain income with low investment. You can create a chain of happiness: the honoree, the guests and your pocket. However you have to calculate everything, even the road tax UK (if you live in UK) although it is not always directly related to your cake business.

Starting a birthday cake business is an easy business, with little investment and high demand. Eat a portion of the market.

To do this, you must keep in mind the advice I will give you below:

– Choose the business mode (by personalized demand, distributor in stores or coffee shops, or entrepreneurship of your own bakery).

– Find out in your town about the permits and health procedures necessary to start your business.

– Decide your personal touch that differentiates you from the competition.

– Create your brand and your image.

– Position yourself in the market with a simple advertising plan among your friends and family, relying on the benefits offered by the internet.

– Modalities for your birthday cake business.

– Many entrepreneurs decide to start their birthday cake business from home while they accumulate capital to grow.
Homemade or by custom demand

With the home-made or personalized demand you can offer your birthday cakes on request and at home. This allows you to lower costs in terms of the rent of a local, payment of services at commercial level, hiring of personnel, acquisition of materials and specialized equipment to make your production more efficient. As the demand for the production of your birthday cakes increases, you could invest in improvements in physical conditions and human resources.


he possibility of being a distributor of shops and coffee shops

Being a distributor of stores and coffee shops means greater production capacity. It bears a resemblance to the personalized demand, but the production quantities of birthday cakes increase daily.

Keep in mind the need for hiring assistants and the transport that makes the distribution, in addition to the packing to move the cakes without risk of damaging them. Same recommendation, start from home with a view to grow to your own local baker.

Do not rule out the possibility of continuing to produce by custom demand to maintain a conquered market.

Your own patisserie

When you are positioned in the market, have consolidated clients and a good capital to invest, start with your own pastry. For this you must face new challenges in terms of human resources, investment in culinary technology (to make your production more efficient), payment of commercial services, acquisition of materials and equipment for staging your pastry and birthday cakes, without forgetting that you must decide if you rent or acquire the premises.

The personal touch of your birthday cakes

This detail is very important, because it allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. In short, define what your “strong” in the business. Decides between the variety of desbores of the sponge cake, with a similarity in the presentation; or for decoration, leaving a basic base for all your cakes.

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