BOKX 109 American Prime

by Julia Loschiavo | June 20th, 2013 | Chef Interviews

BokxLocated in the Hotel Indigo in Newton, Massachusetts, BOKX 109 American Prime provides guests with quality food, service, and experience. A modern atmosphere combines with high-quality foods to create the epitome of fine dining. An emphasis on locally grown produce and natural meats give the menu freshness and integrity. Local farm-to-table ingredients ensure a seasonally delicious meal every time.

I was able to speak with Chef Stephen Coe to learn more about what BOKX 109 has to offer.

JL: What types of foods do you grow in your garden?
CC: Lavender, chamomile, saffron, bay leaf, Kaffir lime, blueberries, raspberries, different types of tomatoes, heirloom potatoes, garlic, shallots, asparagus, ghost chili, habanero, Jalapeno, strawberries, ramps, parsley, lovage, baby greens, mushrooms, and the list keeps growing! I keep adding new herbs on a regular basis as they become available.

JL: Are there any seasonal items that you are growing/using right now?

CC: Ramps, lavender, local strawberries, Blueberries, mushrooms, chamomile, asparagus, stone fruits.

JL: How do the seasons influence your menu choices?

CC: Being a high volume restaurant it is hard to keep up with the demand of in-house grown items. A lot of the items grown on property are used to create specials or Chef Tastes menus. I collaborate with local farmers to fulfill the demand of the machine that BOKX 109 is! I am a big fan of sourcing locally.

JL: Which fresh-grown ingredients inspire you most?

CC: It’s not always the final product, but the passion and nurture that has gone into a personal or locally sourced ingredient that is what influences me the most. At the end of the day is all up to Mother Nature to decide whether it’s ready or not. Example: This season was late for mushrooms; wine is dependent of the weather as a major blood line. I like working with rare or out of the norm items whether it’s mushrooms, funky herbs or spice. Example: Fresh curry leaves, fresh vanilla bean, turmeric, stevia, shiso, sorrel, indigo, figs, Vietnamese hot mint. I also like getting a local fruit or vegetable that tastes like it is supposed to, the earth that it came from!

JL: What atmosphere do you aim to create in your restaurant?

CC: Hip cool scene with food and libations that pushes the limits with simple execution.

JL: Any particular favorite menu items?

CC: Pear and Mascarpone Sacchetti — moustarda fruit, vincotto.
Fresh Burrata — locally cured prosciutto, seasonal melon, aged balsamic.
Grilled Octopus Carpaccio Rocket — pickled red onion, local cured meats and cheese. Grilled Duxbury Oyster — local pancetta, my own fennel and bee pollen, tomato, panko, chive fondue.

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