Camping as a Foodie

by Editorial Team | July 31st, 2019 | Cooking Basics

There’s nothing quite like waking up outside to the smell of fresh air. And coffee. And food cooking over a fire. Yes, even when I go camping, food is a vital part of the event. It’s not just nature; it’s enjoying food in nature.

While I may enjoy being outside and getting back to simpler ways, such as cooking hotdogs over the fire, there are certain amenities I still enjoy and prefer to have. The first, and most important, is running water. I don’t need to be somewhere with a pool or lavish accommodations, but I would like some simple facilities.

The next thing is a nice option for a way to keep cool, if needed. I certainly don’t want to camp in the middle of winter. No, that would be way too cold. However, if the weekend I choose to camp is hot and humid without a breeze, I (as long as everyone I’m with) will feel more like wilted flowers. That’s where the best camping fan comes in handy. Just a simple rush of air and I’m back to feeling perky.

On the other hand, my husband is a much warmer person. While a little breeze will make me feel refreshed and happy, he’s apt to still be sweaty and miserable. Thus, for him, there’s an even better option: the best tent air conditioner. Bye, bye, sweaty husband, hello, much cooler man.

Now that we have cooler people with running water, what else do we need? My next two requests would be ingredients for yummy foods that can be cooked over fire and good beverages. I’m thinking simple things like hot dogs, s’mores, corn on the cob and potatoes wrapped in foil. On the beverage front there needs to be a good balance between water (always be hydrated), coffee, and adult beverages, in my opinion anyway.

Now, all we need is for there to be good weather and a fun group of people. Sometimes that group only needs to be two- my husband and me. Other times, it’s fun to bring the family and/or friends along. Spend some time exploring nature (yay, hiking!) and maybe even finding a body of water to kayak through or swim in.

So, that’s what I need for a perfect camping trip. How about you?

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