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by Rachel Dushkewich | April 25th, 2013 | Chef Interviews

scallopsLooking for a relaxed, neighborhood restaurant in New York City with amazing cuisine to boot? Look no further than The Quarter in New York’s West Village! Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, The Quarter makes a perfect destination after a day of shopping and enjoying the city! Working and traveling all across the United States and Europe, Chef Jason Avery puts delicious, unique spins on American classics. Based on local, seasonal ingredients, The Quarter’s menu stays fresh, exciting, and flavorful! A place for locals and travelers alike, The Quarter’s warm, cozy atmosphere immediately makes diners feel right at home! With fabulous food, delicious drinks, and reasonable prices, The Quarter will quickly become your new “regular” haunt! I had a chance to speak to Chef Jason Avery to learn more about himself and The Quarter!

RD: What culinary experiences helped shape your technique?

CA: I would say working abroad – working in the South of France, to working everywhere from the Southeastern United States, through the Northeast, to out in Montana. So, working in different regional areas of the United States and working in Europe.

RD: How does your location in New York City influence The Quarter?

CA: It influences it in a few different ways. It’s definitely a neighborhood, the West Village, so it’s a real local, neighborhood, “regular” kind of place, as well as mixed with a lot of tourists, which is unusual. Usually it’s a tourist place or a local place – we have a mix of both. We also have a few regular celebrities that live in the neighborhood that come in and such!

RD: How would you describe the overall atmosphere in The Quarter?

CA: I’d say its relaxed, fun, and quaint!

RD: Your menu has a lot of international influence. How does that affect the dining experience at your restaurant?

CA: That’s part of the dining experience! It’s part of the experience, being able to have lots of different textures and flavors from around the world! I think it’s a beneficial part of the dining experience at the Quarter!

RD: How do you incorporate classic, American favorites into your menu?

CA: We have a nice, simple, classic American grilled pork-chop, and then it’s served with a wasabi-infused apple sauce. So, it’s kind of homey, and standard, with the big, grilled double-cut pork chop – pork chop and apple sauce, very classic American! And then, adding a little wasabi to it gives it a little twist!

RD: Do you have a favorite dish currently on your menu?

CA: I’d say the Taylor Bay scallops!

RD: You commit to using locally sourced ingredients. How does this influence your menu?

CA: We’re definitely seasonal! Like today, I just got the ramps! Finally, spring ramps! We try to use local, Long Island or Jersey heirloom tomatoes when they’re in season and whatever I can get my hands from my purveyors – whatever’s available in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, whatever’s around!

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