Chef Matthew Reinhart

by Amy Harrington | October 18th, 2012 | Chef Interviews

If you are out driving around Texas and you get hungry, don’t stop at the closet greasy fast food chain but rather pull over for curbside pickup at Snap Kitchen, conveniently located in both Austin and Houston. It is here that they provide great ingredients, sensible portions, complete nutritional labels, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items all prepared daily. Snap Kitchen has local, organic and healthy foods that will make you energized, as well as feel good after eating. It is designed for the busy person on the go who can stop by a location or order online for ready to eat delicious food. Aimed to assist your healthy lifestyle, Snap Kitchen is overseen by Chef Matthew Reinhart, who was able to talk to me about this unique restaurant.

AH: What local produce are you currently serving in your meals?

CR: Locally we are sourcing right now zucchini, basil, yellow squash, cucumbers, red potatoes, organic/pastured eggs, butternut squash, organic eggplant and jalapenos.  We also have our own herb garden that supplies us with basil, thai basil, rosemary, fresh bay leaves and kaffir lime leaves.

AH: Throughout the day how many individual meals do you prepare and package?

CR: We can package at times 3,000 or more items a day, but that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, options for kids, desserts, cold pressed juices and salad and wraps.

AH: What is your inspiration for menu items?

CR: Inspiration always first comes from what’s in season, and then we take into account what we think our customers would enjoy eating.  Lastly, we try to use as many different flavor profiles from cuisines around the world as possible.

AH: How do you/can you relate to the food that you are preparing?

CR: It’s pretty easy to relate because a lot of the time we are taking a well-known, comfort food or classic dish and tweaking so that it is healthier.  So you get those familiar flavors without the added fat, calories, carbs, sugar and in most cases gluten.

AH: What would you say is the best meal/snack that Snap Kitchen is currently providing?

CR: That’s a tough one, so I’ll give you a few.  As far as juices go, the carrot ginger elixir is pretty awesome. For breakfast I’d have to go with the steak and eggs.  For lunch, the chicken and butternut squash macaroni and for dinner, the crispy salmon.  My little niece swears by our raw coconut macaroons and applesauce.   🙂

AH: What makes Snap Kitchen unique?

CR: I think the biggest thing that makes us unique is that we put a lot of thought and care into what we produce here.  I think it’s easy at times for some people to settle for mediocrity when it comes to healthy food, and it doesn’t have to be that way.  You absolutely can eat healthy, and enjoy what you’re eating.  We have many dishes that people actually crave, and come back over and over, to purchase again.  Another huge one is the team here.  We believe in what we do and really do value our customers and the business they give us.

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