Chef Trevor Ogden

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | January 10th, 2013 | Chef Interviews

Whether you live in San Francisco or will be there on travel, you know that there are a plethora of dining options.  Your choices range from food trucks to quick service restaurants to upscale dining.  If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers both substance and style, Chambers Eat + Drink is the perfect choice.  Located in the Phoenix hotel, you are sure to be delighted with the menu that has been created by Chef Ogden.  Utilizing market fresh ingredients and creative flair, the menu is sure to make it difficult for you to decide exactly which delicious items you want to order.

I was able to speak with Chef Ogden to learn more about Chambers and his menu.

TT: Your menu is market-driven. How often do you change the menu?

CO: The menu changes sporadically, but I would have to say that there are usually 1-3 items changing every three weeks. It completely depends on the season and what is available. Some produce items have a longer season, while others are very short.

TT: What is your inspiration for new menu items?

CO: Inspiration comes from everywhere. It can come from a certain ingredient, a dish that I’m craving or a classical dish with a completely different spin on it. There are also old dishes that I have done in the past that I want to reinvent to make me fall in love with it all over again.

TT: Are there specific farms that you work with?

CO: Oh yes. The best thing for a chef to do is create great relationship with their farmers, ranches, and fish mongers. Once they understand what it is you are usually interested in they will let you know when they are coming, pick out the best quality for you and give you a great deal on those items. There are a few farms that will grow specific items just for a chef, so it’s always good to chat them up and build a solid relationship.

TT: What is your favorite item on the current menu?

CO: They were all my favorite at one point or another. It is usually the most recent menu change that I am most excited about. Currently, it would have to be the Thai Snapper with a black garlic soubise, roasted sunchokes, nameko mushrooms, castle franco, meyer lemon, bearss limes and yuzu kosho. Right behind that or even tied with that would be the Salad Lyonnaise, with a sous vide egg, frisee, white grapefruit, ruby red grapefruit, pomelo, pork biscotti, lardons and apple cider vinaigrette.

TT: Are there any exciting changes in the future?

CO: I’m working on a new duck dish, possibly bringing back the braised lamb shank, and a new chocolate dessert.

TT: What makes Chambers Eat + Drink unique?

CO: Our space definitely stands out from the rest. I didn’t think we could have so many different capabilities between our dining area, the lounge and the outside patio. However multiple events can be going on, and it doesn’t seem chaotic. They all just seems to go smoothly with one another.

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