Clementine im Glashaus: Dine Like A Princess

by Jane Wangersky | May 29th, 2015 | Restaurant Destination

coburg palace vienna (400x400)Clementine is the name of both a restaurant (one of them) at Vienna’s Palais Coburg and a princess who lived in the palace long before it became a hotel. Sound romantic yet? As Clementine’s website puts it, “It’s not easy being a princess. But hey, if the crown fits! And at least the food is great.” So, skipping over the part about political marriages, the two of you together can enjoy the good parts of being royalty — great food, beautiful surroundings, and being waited on — at least for the time it takes to enjoy a meal. Or even a snack.

With its setting in the hotel greenhouse, the restaurant’s full name is Clementine im Glashaus. The site says “when the weather is fine, there’s no garden finer in all of Vienna.” Princess Clementine’s portrait is on display there.

Clementine im Glashaus is open for all three meals and also afternoon snacks from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. The cuisine is described as traditional, creatively reinterpreted.

The lunch and dinner menu starts with bread and butter, which some reviewers rave about, then appetizers ranging from green salad (at € 9) to beef tartar (€ 18). Like most “romantic” restaurants, this is on the steep side, but remember you can stop in for just a snack.

There are half a dozen entrées, including one vegetarian risotto and some fish, but mainly meat with accompanying vegetables. The meats are varied — beef, pork, guineafowl, and veal — and are priced up to € 29.

Wine specially paired with your food can be ordered, or you can choose your own from the wine menu. Some of the wines can run up to € 125 a bottle.

The creative side of the restaurant seems to come out in the desserts, which are not the typical Viennese pastries but include plum jam with “potato, cinnamon, and nut butter.” If you want something more traditional, there’s sorbet and also straight chocolate. Desserts cost € 5 to € 9. Alternatively, finish with a cheese course for € 9.

Afternoon snack choices consist of cheese, bread, and a few desserts. Snacks run from € 5 to € 9. If you eat breakfast here, there’s everything from a couple of traditional choices named after Clementine and her husband, August, to a low carb version and an “energy plate.”

The hotel’s other restaurant, Silvio Nickol’s, has a more modern feel — and “the country’s most extensive wine menu.” But Clementine im Glashaus is a good place for your inner prince or princess.

Editor’s Note: Before or after your lunch or dinner, take a stroll in one of Vienna’s romantic parks. Check them out by clicking here.

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