Corner Stable, Cockeysville, MD

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | May 21st, 2012 | Restaurant Reviews

As I started writing this review, I realized that some of our restaurant choices during our mid-Atlantic trip seem inconsiderate toward our vegetarian.  The reason I thought this is that the Corner Stable is a barbecue restaurant.  However, in my experience, many barbecue places have a decent fish dish on the menu, and our daughter enjoys fish.  For the rest of us, slowly cooked, smoky meats were our lure.

Like any area, there are debates over which restaurant has the best Italian, best barbecue, etc.  Corner Stable is one of two in the Baltimore area known for its barbecue.  Decorated with horse photos, jockeys’ silks, and other racing items, it had a nice casual feel.  Although they were busy on a Tuesday night, we were seated immediately and greeted within minutes by our waitress.

It didn’t take long for all of us to choose our dinner items.  For me, when you’re at a restaurant known for its barbecue that are two options:  baby back ribs or pulled pork.  Quite often the pork wins, as it is less messy to eat.  However, we were on vacation, so I decided to go with the messier option and give the ribs a try.

Our son ordered the ribs and fries plate.  He found the ribs to be a little bit greasy (which I’m sure to many, him included, is a good sign).  Even being greasy, they were nicely tender and had a decent amount of meat.  The only issue with his dish was the amount of barbecue sauce.  While it was quite flavorful, it overflowed the ribs and soaked the fries, transforming them from crunchy to limp.

Our daughter ordered the barbecued salmon with the barbecue sauce on the side.  (Yes, she is my daughter.  Together we order many dishes with items “on the side”.)  She enjoyed the salmon with its slightly smoky flavor.  For her sides she chose the cooked apples and mashed potatoes.  She loved the mashed potatoes and found the apples to be fair.  However, she prefers her fruit uncooked, so I didn’t find that shocking and was glad to help eat them.

My baby back ribs were wonderfully tender.  I know I am not a true ribs fan, as I picked at the ribs, separating meat and fat, much to my husband’s amusement.  However, the parts that I ate (read, not the fat) were delicious.  I ordered green beans and coleslaw as my sides.  I found the green beans to be nicely cooked but a little buttery for my liking.  Of course, this is a restaurant, so I knew there was no chance of getting steamed, unbuttered beans.  I ate one bite of the coleslaw just to say I tried it and gave the rest to my husband, knowing I would be full.

My husband wasn’t hungry and assumed there might be leftovers on other plates, so he ordered onion rings.  They had a nice crisp coating and were enjoyed by him.  He also enjoyed the coleslaw, which had a nice combination of tanginess and sweetness.

During our stay we didn’t have time, nor the desire, for another round of barbecue to determine who had the best.  However, I am sure during another one of our trips to the Baltimore area we will make a stop.  In the meanwhile, I definitely can recommend giving the ribs at the Corner Stable a try.

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