Dining in London- Part 2

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | July 7th, 2022 | Restaurant Reviews

Friends of ours who had visited London several years ago highly recommended a trip to Borough Market. They even had a particular shop that we needed to visit. Unfortunately, the shop the loved is only open Thursday through Sunday, and we visited the market on a Tuesday. However, Borough Market was a delicious destination, providing us with both lunch and dinner that day.

Borough Market is a lovely mix of restaurants and markets. We spent a solid thirty minutes roaming, taking inventory of our different options. While it could have been a long process in deciding, we both were hungry. That helped speed the decision along.

I chose a sausage roll from a bakery. Unfortunately, I did not note the name of the bakery. The sausage roll was fine but definitely the least exciting thing we purchased. The pastry was quite flaky, the sausage was tasty. However, there was no option of warming it, and it could have used a dipping sauce. Even a side of mustard would have been nice.

My husband chose a sandwich from The Black Pig– The Honey Truffle Parmesan. Consisting of slow roasted pork shoulder, honey truffle mayonnaise, fennel apple slaw, and aged parmesan, it was amazing! It was one of those sandwiches that drips as you eat it and is worth every bit of the messiness! Sweet, savory, crunchy, and tender were all packed inside a beautiful baguette.

We could have called it quits there, but we sat right next to Honest Crumble while we ate our lunch. It’s vacation; you have to splurge. So, we ordered a peach crumble topped with frozen custard, as well as adding all of the extras- crumbled biscuits and meringue pieces. Ordering the smaller size and sharing it was the perfect ending to our lunch.

However, our Borough Market story doesn’t end there! After we finished eating, we went back to a few shops and bought ingredients for a dinner picnic. Choosing two types of cheese, a sausage, an assortment of olives, and some olive breadsticks, we had the basis for a lovely meal. We added a few pieces of fruit and took our items to Hyde Park. This made a perfect ending to a terrific day in London that allowed us to sample more of the great products from Borough Market.

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