Easy Dinner Ideas: Ordering Food with Gift Cards

by Editorial Team | December 27th, 2015 | Simple Solutions

pizzaPlanning for dinner can sometimes be stressful, especially if you have no time to cook but still want to have a decent meal. As with many people in a similar situation, you are likely to order in food from your favorite restaurant or pizza outlet within the local area. Fortunately, many food outlets offer a wide variety of meals as part of their home delivery menu, which gives you a chance to select the most suitable one for you. Most times, the menus are displayed on their website making it easy to choose your meal and even pay for it on the same platform. The payment options when making such orders are also quite diverse, which makes getting the food delivered to your home much easier.

In most cases, paying for food ordered from various outlets is done in cash, but there are some that accept payment in form of gift cards. These gift cards may be from their own outlet or others that partner with them to reward their clients for one reason or another. In most cases, they have different values attached to them which make it easier to know how much you are spending on a certain food item. Although some outlets allow their customers to only order their food using cash or gift cards, others go beyond the norm to incorporate other payment options. Dominos is one such pizza outlet that allows their customers to order dominos using paypal funds, which is then delivered to their specified location. This unique payment option is a lifesaver especially if you have no cash or gift cards to use at that time.

Some of the benefits of ordering food with gift cards include:

  • ConvenienceInstead of making homemade pizza in a hurry because of limited time, gift cards make it possible to get the exact same pizza without having to pay for it from your pocket. All you need to do is to submit it at the respective outlet and get the pizza flavor you desire. Alternatively, if the cards can be redeemed through their website, then placing an order and getting the pizza delivered becomes much easier.
  • Higher value – Some food outlets offer gift cards that when redeemed result in meals of greater value when compared to buying them in cash. It is for this reason that ordering food using this payment option is preferred by many people instead of paying cash. In addition, if you have more than one gift card, it allows you to purchase meals of higher value and even indulge in extras if available.
  • Wider variety of meals – Although some gift cards have restrictions to the type of meals that can be ordered when using it. Others are quite open which gives you the chance to order for food from your preferred location as long as the outlet is affiliated with the company that gave out the gift cards.

Overall, it is important to have a gift card or two from your favorite food outlet so that you can use them on those nights when you have no idea what to prepare for dinner.

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