Electric cookers vs. gas cookers

by Editorial Team | October 3rd, 2012 | Techniques, Tools, and Tips

While the humble stove has had its dominance in the kitchen challenged by high-efficiency alternatives such as microwaves, pressure cookers, and press grills, it remains the best way to cook a wide range of foods. For some foods, such as pizza or large meat joints, there is simply no better way to prepare them than in a conventional oven. For fantastic deals on cookers and ovens, go to currys.co.uk.

When it comes to conventional cookers, you really have two main options: gas-powered, and electric-powered. Each has their own unique advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we shall discuss the pros and cons of each type of cooker in turn, in order to help you make the right choice for your home.

Gas cookers

If you have a well-ventilated kitchen, and pre-existing plumbing for a gas cooker, then this is usually the best option. They heat up more quickly, and are generally much more energy efficient than their electric counterparts. However, the risk of house fire is slightly greater with a gas cooker, due to the possibility of a gas leak, and also the danger inherent in a naked flame. If your kitchen is not properly ventilated, then a gas cooker is a no-no, as there is a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning if something should go wrong with your cooker. Most modern gas cookers come with special technology to help prevent anything of this ilk from going wrong, but it remains a consideration. One thing to bear in mind, however, is the rising cost of natural gas as a commodity. While it is currently a fair bit cheaper to cook meals with gas than with electricity, this may not be the case in ten or twenty years time, when you may still be using the same cooker.

Electric cookers

This type of cooker does offer a few advantages over gas cookers, in terms of safety and future-proofing. If you have small children, then the safety advantages of a modern electric stove may outweigh any concerns over energy efficiency, and if you are not confident of the ventilation in your kitchen, it may be the only option. However, some of the best modern electric cookers are nearly as energy-efficient as their gas counterparts, and can provide cooking performance that is nearly as good, so even if electric is your only option, it may not turn out to be a bad one.

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