Enhance Your Barbecue with These Salads

by TT Editors | May 16th, 2016 | Recipes, Salads

If you’ve got the grill going to cook your burgers, why not make a side dish on it also? To get things started, how about a grilled caesar salad? Grilling adds great flavor to a subtle ingredient like romaine lettuce, making it a more exciting salad. Get the recipe here.

Continuing with sides on the grill, pineapple is an excellent choice. This fruit fits nicely on a grill and handles the heat well. Smoky and sweet blend well in this salad. Get the recipe here.

Of course, salads prepared indoors can pair well with grilled meats also. For a taste of summer, there’s nothing quite like locally sourced corn. Rather than serving it on the cob, turn it into a tasty salad or salsa. Get the recipe here.

For others, fresh tomatoes and peaches make one think of summer. Why not combine the two for a one of a kind salad? Although it sounds like a different combination, it is one that wows. Get the recipe here.

Finally, we can’t forget that summertime favorite- watermelon. While the kids may like it best on the rind, it’s nice to eat it without having the juice drip down your chin. This salad recipe fixes that problem and adds some additional flavors. Get the recipe here.

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