Finally Friday- June 2nd

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | June 2nd, 2017 | Finally Friday

I find it hard to believe, but it is actually sunny and warm for the second day in a row. The New Hampshire spring has tended to be chilly and rainy, so to be able to walk outside without an umbrella and boots is refreshing! Of course, if I look to next week’s weather, it’s back to cool and rainy. Rather than complain about the impending weather, my plan is to enjoy the nice weather now, perhaps with some time spent enjoying my outdoor furniture. I started today with an outdoor run and plan to get outside for lunch. Not a bad start to the weekend!

Things I Cooked

  • We celebrated my birthday at home this past Monday, leaving the cooking to my husband. However, I did make the cake, as baking is more my thing. This year I decided on a strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream frosting. It was pure strawberry happiness!
  • Tuesday was a clean out the fridge night, so I used eggplant, ricotta, fresh mozzarella, and marinara to make mini eggplant lasagnas, replacing the noodles with the eggplant slices. It was a very yummy, incredibly easy dinner.
  • Last night was taco night with either chorizo or chicken as a filling. I decided to try a different shell and used a sweet potato. I baked it in the oven, cut it in half, scooped out about half the potato, and placed chorizo, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes on top. It definitely made for a lower calorie, but still tasty, taco of sorts.

Places I Ate

  • As I mentioned last Friday, we stayed local for most of the long weekend. On Saturday night we went to dinner with friends at one of our nearby favorites, The Foundry. I had my favorite cocktail, the Grapefruit Drop.  Instead of having an entrée I ordered two small dishes- their side caesar salad, which has the best croutons ever (made with polenta) and a special, shrimp ceviche with avocado mousse. Another excellent dinner there!
  • On Sunday, we decided to head to Boston for the afternoon and walk Newbury Street and Boston Common. In addition to many miles of walking, we had snacks at Tapeo. We shared a liter of the Sangria Royal and nibbled on three tapas dishes. They were Pão de Queijo, Queso Con Miel, Albóndigas de Cordero, which translate to: Crusty Brazilian Cheese Bread, Fried Goat Cheese with Honey & Onions, and Lamb Meatballs in Truffle Cream Sauce. The goat cheese and meatballs were delicious. The cheese bread lacked cheesy-ness, which is why we order goat cheese after that.

Things I Did

  • This first item actually should be titled what I didn’t do. On Saturday we went to watch my nephew play basketball, and then we were going to stop by Baby Goat Day at a local feed store. Driving by we saw the lines were 100s of people long. I’m all for seeing animals, but waiting in line an hour or more to see a baby goat isn’t my thing.
  • With crummy weather for Memorial Day, we stayed home. I did spend the morning working on items for both Think Tasty and Wasabi Ventures Academy, but I did take the afternoon to read, watch a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls with my daughter, and enjoy some wine.
  • Although the weather has been chilly, it’s been warmer than winter, so I’ve been taking my Friday workouts outside and running in the downtown. Doing so has brought two pleasant discoveries. First, Manchester really is beginning to feel like home after six months living here. Second, I’ve slowly been increasing my distance but have been able to keep the same pace. Yay, me!

Now I have an afternoon of meetings, editing, and a few other tasks before the weekend and some fun travels begin. Here’s to a terrific and tasty weekend for all!

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