Friday Flashback- Fresh Corn

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | September 11th, 2015 | Friday Flashback

corn on the cobMore than halfway through our corn season, I’m sure some people are tired of plain, old corn on the cob. The first meal or two it is exciting- piping hot and topped with butter. In fact, initially it is so inviting that you’re willing to burn your tongue on the first bite. But now that you’re weeks into corn season, you’re wondering how else can you embrace this veggie. Today we have two ways to add some variety to your seasonal side dish.

Option 1- This is the simple way to change up your corn on the cob cooking. No need to start the grill or boil a pot of water, just an oven is needed to make chili roasted corn on the cob. Plus, because it cooks in the oven, you are free to work on other parts of your meal, or if you’ve planned wisely, have a pre-dinner cocktail.

Option 2- This recipe requires you to be present during all of the cooking. However, if you’re tired of corn on the cob, this is a great way to enjoy this veggie in a totally different format. Serve these fresh corn cakes with a protein, such as pulled pork or grilled steaks, and a green salad, and you have a delicious summer meal.

Editor’s Note: These ideas would be great choices for a Grandparent’s Day meal, and here are some other ideas to make that day special.

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