Fruit and Bourbon- A Perfect Pairing

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | February 26th, 2021 | Recipe Collection, Recipes
2 fruit dishes with bourbon

When you hear about bourbon and fruit pairings, your mind may drift to a cocktail. I’m here to show you how you can flip that thinking and make fruit the star and bourbon the supporting actor. Just try one of these recipes below and discover how the two pair nicely and make a fine dessert or appetizer accompaniment.

Bourbon Simmered Apples with Cinnamon and Sugar

This recipe definitely leans toward the sweet, but that doesn’t mean that it is for desserts only. Actually, its sweetness makes a nice contrast to a cheese tray. Make these apples, assemble your cheeses, and you have a fine Sunday snack.

Peaches Infused with Bourbon and Vanilla

Much like the apples, these peaches would work well as an addition to your dessert, such as angel food cake, or as an appetizer, topping your brie or goat cheese. Of course, they also are delicious eaten right out of their container with a fork.

No matter which recipe you choose, I highly recommend using a better bourbon. The flavor of the bourbon will be front and center and not hidden behind a mixer or other flavor. Splurge a little on the bourbon, and then as an extra benefit, you’ll have a lovely adult beverage to sip as well.

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