Get to Know the Savory Side of Pineapple

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | June 19th, 2020 | Recipe Collection, Recipes

Don’t relegate this fruit to desserts and fruity cocktails only; it shines as the star in savory pineapple dishes.

roasted pineapple and pineapple gazpacho

When I think about pineapple, my mind usually veers toward sweet. Whether it’s a slice of pineapple on its own, baked into a cake, or served atop ice cream, all things sweet come to mind. However, sweet foods can head over to the savory side with just a little help. Today, I have two great ways to take this sweet fruit and make it lean toward the savory.

Balsamic Roasted Pineapple– Is there anything quite as delightful and fun to eat as a charcuterie tray? Since the cheeses and meats can become heavier, it’s great to pair some fruits or veggies. This roasted pineapple will add some lightness, plus bits of sweet and savory flavors.

Pineapple Gazpacho– Hey there, summer! I’m looking at you. Although I love soup, I don’t want a steaming bowl of anything. However, a bowl of chilled fruit and veggies could be the perfect start to dinner. Give this pineapple version of gazpacho a try.

Pineapple, no longer will you be an item only for our sweet tooth. Welcome to the savory side!

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