Guide On What to Eat When Running Marathons

by Editorial Team | January 18th, 2016 | Cooking Basics

pasta bacon (400x400)If you are training for a marathon, you should know that what you eat and drink can determine how your running turns out. You might have all the gear you need and might have trained in ideal temperatures. You should however, never forget the most important part of your plans. This is why your nutrition is very important in helping you when you are running races.

The Right Diet Is Essential for Marathons

You need a proper diet that is replete with proper nutrients. This is an integral part of your training regimen and is also particularly valuable for marathons which are endurance competitions. The following pointers will help you prepare well for your marathons.

Carbohydrates are Essential

For anyone who participates in any type of running, carbohydrates are very essential. You do not want to get to a place where you experience a sudden loss of energy during a marathon. Regardless of how well you have trained and prepared, if you are not stocked up in carbohydrates, you can hit the wall.

Carbohydrates are the fuel tank of the body and no other energy source beats them. This type of energy is stored in your muscles and liver in the form of glucose. The moment you go low on it, you will begin to feel exhausted. To avoid this, you must load your fuel tank by eating carbohydrate rich foods such as pasta, potatoes and specific types of fruits and vegetables.

Stock up on Proteins

Your muscles need to be rebuilt and proteins are a good source for that. When you are running races or marathons, like the New Jersey State Triathlon, you need proteins to help in the restoration of damaged tissues. The best foods for proteins are milk and meat. After runs, you also need to feed on milk, and white meat. You must however, get ready by making sure your eating is balanced at every stage. You need nutrients to be part of your training plan. The nutrients must be included weeks before you participate in the marathon.

Preparation Prior to Races

Before running races, find foods that you like and include these foods in your recipes. The foods must however be rich in low GI carbohydrates. Whole grain rice is a good source for this. Pasta is also quite fine because both can discharge energy gradually and will help in the buildup of carbohydrates.

Stay clear of foods that have lots of gas even if they are rich in carbohydrates because you might otherwise have to endure distressing times during marathons. During marathons that are one and a half hours or more, you will need to top up by taking drinks that contain concentrations of carbohydrates. Also, always ensure that you remain hydrated.

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