Healthy Things to Do in SD During COVID

by Editorial Team | September 26th, 2020 | Cooking Basics

If you’re located in Southern California and you’ve been stuck inside for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering what you can do for fun while still keeping yourself and your family safe. While some activities, like going to packed restaurants or bars, may not currently be an option, other surprising ones are still a possibility. Whether you enjoy going hiking, taking San Diego boat tours, going on picnics with your family or watching movies, there’s something for everyone in the San Diego area right now. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few healthy things you can do to have fun while staying safe in San Diego.

Go Sailing

Because the San Diego area is blessed with some beautiful coastline, one activity you can do while remaining safely distanced is going sailing. If you don’t know much about sailing but still want to enjoy the open waters, you can go on sailing tours geared towards a number of different interests. For instance, you could take:

Try looking for a sailing activity suited to your family’s particular interests. For instance, if your kids love animals, you may be able to find tours dedicated to identifying different forms of marine life. Even the youngest members are sure to enjoy the beautiful views and peaceful waters.

Hold a Private Group Event

If you want to spend time just with your nuclear family or a very small friend group but you don’t want to risk coming into contact with too many strangers, you may want to consider booking private party charters San Diego. By organizing a small get-together, you can stay distanced and safe while still enjoying the company of friends and family.

Watch a Drive-Through Movie

Once a relic of decades gone by, the drive-through movie theater has seen a renaissance since the start of the pandemic. If you love going to the movies and are tired of watching TV from your couch, you can get out of the house and drive to the South Bay Drive-In Theater to enjoy a movie from the comfort of your car.

Go Biking

San Diego offers countless biking trails and opportunities for riders of all skill sets to get out and have fun. Consider grabbing your bike and going for a ride along the 18-mile Silver Strand Bikeway. You can enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean and the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge all at once!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many families have been stuck inside for months, unable to enjoy activities out on the town as they did before. As the weather cools down, however, there are still many activities you can do in the San Diego area to get your family out of the house while staying safe and healthy. If you’re hoping to switch up your regular routine with enjoyable weekend activities but want to keep your family in good health, consider adding these popular activities to your short list. You’re sure to find something the whole family will enjoy.

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