Homeport Bed and Breakfast, Saint John, New Brunswick

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | July 7th, 2011 | Restaurant Reviews

Over Independence Day weekend, we found ourselves without children, so we packed our bags and headed on a road trip.  Without firm plans in place, we drove northeast, headed for New Brunswick.  As we drove, we decided to spend the night in Saint John.  Being on the water and able to visit the Reversing River, it seemed like a unique destination.

Sadly, we found Saint John to be underwhelming.  The downtown was quiet, and the city market seemed not all that different from the shopping districts in our area.  The Reversing Rivers was interesting but an overwhelming amount of fog made the viewing less than desirable.  However, the breakfast that we were served in the morning made up for all of that.

On the morning of our stay, our chef was Charles, who works only on weekends.  Lucky us!  We started our breakfast with a wonderful fresh fruit salad that consisted of strawberries, blueberries, apples, peaches, and melon.  There also were freshly baked blueberry muffins and sugar scones.  I tried the muffins, which I found to be tender and had a nice amount of blueberries.  My husband tried both the muffins and scones and enjoyed them both.  The scones were hearty and pleasantly sweet.

The main course for breakfast was Eggs Benedict.  Each dish was made to order.  For mine, I requested scrambled eggs instead of the typical poached egg.  Served atop a warm english muffin and ham slice, the eggs were scrambled perfectly (neither too dry nor too wet) and topped with a delightful hollandaise sauce.  Not only was the sauce tasty, but the amount served was just right- enough to flavor the dish without drenching all of the other ingredients.  My husband had his benedict in the traditional manner with a poached egg.  It also was well executed with a firm white and a runny yolk.

In addition to the wonderful food we enjoyed, our breakfast was enhanced by conversation with the chef.  With an open kitchen setting, we were able to discuss potential stops for viewing and eating on our drive down the coast.  Charles gladly recommended a fun foodie stop or two and also advised as to which places we should avoid.

Although I don’t think we’ll be in Saint John anytime in the near future, the breakfast at Homeport Bed and Breakfast won’t be forgotten soon.

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