How to Grind Coffee without a Grinder

by Editorial Team | November 4th, 2020 | Cooking Basics

Three things in life are constant – death, taxes, and a profound love for coffee. A perfectly made cup of Joe enhances people’s buzz at a supersonic rate and to achieve that, you got to grind your beans well using your coffee grinder. But what if you don’t have a grinder?
To achieve coffee perfection, you can get one of those small coffee grinders for home use. However, if you do not have a grinder, it doesn’t mean you cannot have a flavorful cup of coffee. In this read, we will discuss how to grind coffee without a grinder.

7 Ways to Grind Coffee Beans without a Grinder
Today, we bring you seven user-friendly and comprehensive ways of grinding coffee beans without a grinder:

Mortar and Pestle
Owing to your amateur level of experience, if your mortar and pestle are feeling alienated, sitting there on the dusty kitchen shelf since the past many months, it is about time you bring those items to good use. This appliance can easily grind your coffee beans.
First, add two tablespoons of coffee beans with the mortar carefully, avoiding any spilling of beans on your kitchen floor. Using the stronger hand, rotate and revolve the pestle vigorously till the beans are pressed and crushed. This process has to be put on repeat mode till the optimum grind is attained.
If more coffee is required, shift the base of operation to the coffee maker instead and repeat the process.

Food Blender
The food blender is a refined and elegant means of grinding coffee, not only for making drinks but also for transmuting the beans into powder.
Firstly, transfer very small chunks of coffee beans to a clean blender and put on the lid. Make sure that you grind the coffee in small and rapid phases, using the blender at a medium-high pace. Once the coffee has been ground, transfer the entire mixture to the coffee machine.

Rolling Pin
Sometimes, all you need is a good old rolling pin and a Ziploc bag. Enclose your favorite coffee beans in a Ziploc Bag. Place the coffee beans in a single stream and using the rolling pin, apply a steady and nominal pressure beginning from the base of the Ziploc Bag.
Revolve the pin over the bag to ensure that no sizeable fragments of beans are left inside the bag. After the optimum grind has been attained, relocate the contents to the coffee-making appliance. Even if the Ziploc bag is not in the equation, two pieces of parchment paper will suffice, provided that their edges are sealed.

Pepper Mill
Pepper mill grinding is a generic and an inexpensive method of grinding your coffee beans. It requires a tad bit more time and effort, as compared to other methodologies but the results stand out at the end of the day indeed, especially from the point of view of texture.
To grind coffee using this technique, empty the mill and pour your favorite coffee beans in it. Make sure the coffee beans are small as larger beans will have to be toned down using a hammer.

Hammer or Meat Tenderizer
The use of a hammer or a meat tenderizer is another way of grinding your coffee beans. It’s a handy solution that gives you a decent coffee grind. Secure your coffee beans in a thick Ziploc Bag and place them on a stable, flat surface.
Using the hammer, press the beans without crushing them in order to generate the ultimate texture, following which, you can transfer them to your coffee brewer.

Kitchen Knife
Sometimes, the kitchen knife can rush to the rescue, especially when we are dealing with a nominal quantity of coffee beans. All you have to do is to place the coffee beans on a flat surface and apply pressure to the beans using the flat-top side of the blade.
Gently stir the coffee beans in order to ensure uniform grinding.

Food Processor
Last, but not the least, the food processor can get the job done, too. Add a little amount of coffee beans to a clean, dried-up food processor. In short and quick phases, grind your coffee beans. Once done, transfer the ground coffee beans to your coffee machine in order to generate a phenomenal cup of coffee with a fine aroma.

Our Final Word on Grinding Coffee without a Grinder
A tantalizing cup of coffee derives its origin from freshly-ground beans. Coffee grinders are effective choices to make delicious cups of coffee, however, there might be times when you do not have a separate coffee grinder or an in-built grinding mechanism in your coffee brewer.
Additionally, counter-space has to be incorporated into consideration and the choice has to shift from grinders to more innovative, inexpensive and portable solutions, which, more often than not, can be needs of the hour indeed in today’s fast-paced world.
Keeping this in mind, and the difference that coffee grinding makes to the final flavor of your beverage, you must know at least a few alternative ways of grinding your cup of Joe. With or without a coffee grinder, let’s make sure you enjoy your coffee!

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