How to Shop for the Best Organic Wine

by Editorial Team | December 1st, 2020 | Cooking Basics

If you love your wine authentic, you likely will have a flair for the organic kind. And while there are a million-plus bottles available for you to choose from, you surely want one that certainly has all you need in a drink, which is tasty, refreshing, and free from any additives that could compromise its authenticity. 

Drinking a healthy glass of wine could do a lot of good for your heart, and not to mention help with dealing with a stressful day. (If you want another fun way to destress, why not try a game of Solitaire?) And getting your hands on natural wine from the finest source is as important as healthy eating. The link here,, has more on some of the best bottles for healthy living.

So how can you find just the finest kind around? There are useful suggestions on how to shop for organic wine below. 

Picking the Right Organic Wine Bottle

It also boils down to what you fancy. How do you love to enjoy your drink? I grew up with parents who savor a glass of wine after work in the evenings, and you can expect that I, too, grew up to fancy red wine. So you bet when I’m in the store, I’ll be glancing through the red collection. 

For most alcohol lovers who keep their drinking civil, it’s all about having a favorite and not exceeding the limit. And the same goes for most vine lovers. So deciding what type of drinker you are and which flavors appeal to your taste buds are part of the things you want to settle on. When it comes to picking the right bottle of organic wine, some of the things you want to consider include. 

  • Red or White? 

When it comes to the finest selections of drinks from organic vines, you can find them in red or white varieties. And you want to decide which type you will be picking when in the market for a bottle or more. Most drinkers are okay with any variety, but the more traditional wine drinkers have their preference. 

For beginners looking to enjoy a bottle for the first time or picking the best wine gift option for friends or family, it may be best to go with one of each. There are sweet tasting and sour tasting flavors, so you may have to try a few bottles to find which type you prefer. You can check this website for more on the difference between red and white vine.

  • New or Vintage?

Another thing is the age of the bottle. While you can expect to find some bottles that date back to a century, you can also find good ones that are just a few years old. The term vintage refers to the year the grapes were harvested and happens to be a big deal in many wine tasting circles. And if you do happen to be picking out the best gift bottle, it is something you too want to consider. 

  • Sweet or Sour?

Now, this is where you could get confused with choosing the right wines. And whether you end up with a sweet or sour bottle depends on the vine the grapes were picked from. So it helps if you know a thing or two about the different grape varieties available. This will make it easier to identify ones that are pleasant to your taste buds. 

While there are a handful of options that are a good fit for food, most vine lovers choose Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Shirak or Shiraz, which are all red grape varieties. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Semillon are famous white types in the market. And you are sure to experience a different taste and satisfaction with each one. 

How to Identify True Organic Wine

If you have been following up with the piece all this while, you will understand that not all wine bottles are the same. And while they differ in ingredients and taste, you will also find options that aren’t from entirely natural sources. 

There is nothing much to the organic and natural tagging that so many vineyards push on their bottles. This only signifies that the grapes were sourced from fields without any artificial pesticide or herbicide. But in reality, the fact that the grapes were sourced organically doesn’t mean they don’t include additives when processed in the bottle. 

When in the market for the best natural wine for a gift or personal use, you don’t just want to look out for the word organic. You should check for any form of preservatives and be sure they are of the natural kind. Also, avoid options that include sulfites and chemical additives if you genuinely want something organic. 

Various Variety of Organic Vines

You should also know that when shopping in the organic vine market, you will find natural winemakers who use unfined and unfiltered yeasts sourced locally. Although this is certified as a biodynamic vine upon inspection, most people still consider it a natural alternative to those with high sulfite levels. 

There are also vegan options that are without any form of animal products. You can equally find bottles produced by environmentally friendly farmers who use machinery with low emission levels in their vineyards. So when it comes to picking a truly organic wine, you should know there are different levels to the organicity. 

Shopping for Wines Online  

One of the challenges of shopping for drinks online is that you miss out on the opportunity to taste them. And you could likely get this opportunity when shopping at the store or a tasting festival. But there are ways to identify a good quality variety using other people’s experience. 

This would involve reading through online reviews to find out which options most people are buying. And choosing a popular type would be best if picking out a bottle from the blue. 

Final Note 

Organic wines are those made from vineyards whose grapes were cultivated without chemicals. But when in the market for one, you should also check that it doesn’t include any chemical preservatives. And if you are picking out a bottle for a gift, it may be best to choose a popular variety.

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