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by Editorial Team | July 4th, 2021 | Cooking Basics

You may be lucky enough to live in a place like Scarborough that offers Indian grocery shops. You may have a strip mall that’s dedicated to the stores around the world, and you can do a lot of shopping without going to multiple places when you go out.

For some people, the time when they were doing carefree shopping is over. Some are not keen to go out because of the coronavirus pandemic, so they opt for deliveries in their areas for food. Fortunately, suppose you are into Indian food. In that case, you can get the ingredients delivered in no time through an Indian grocery delivery Scarborough area lists, and they can give you the spices that you need. Deliveries are typical today, and you can use your smartphones to make orders.

Some of the items that other people are buying in an Indian grocery store are the following:

1.Orange Flower Water, Rosewater, and Pine Flower Water

Some of the essences are staples in Indian food, including rosewater, orange flower water, and more. The roses are distilled, and the essence of the petals is usually an essential ingredient in many Indian foods. They are used in desserts, and also the natural fragrance can serve as a face toner for many people.

The orange flower is part of the North African, Middle Eastern, and European cuisines, and they rarely leave the pantries of many kitchens and restaurants. The orange blossoms are the byproducts, and they are known to add a slightly bitter taste. They are used and distilled for the essential oils used in cakes, baklavas, and madeleines. You can add a bit of spruce to your summer drink with an orange blossom fizz or lemon verbena.

Keora or screw pine flower water is an essential Indian ingredient. Learn more about keora on this page here. It provides fruity or floral notes, and it’s often described as heady. It’s used in many flavored meat stews, biryanis, and pulaos. These three essences are some of the must-haves that you need when cooking Indian food.

2.Lentils and Dried Pulses

In India, lentils and pulses are considered a staple food, and they are part of many pantries. The pulses are large bags of split peas, lentils, chickpeas, and beans. Various bags are found in many stores, and you can stock up as many as you want because they come at affordable prices.

Special beans and lentils are often used in many dishes. For example, some may prefer the cleaned black lentils or dal Bukhara, and they are used for steamed rice cakes. There are also pinto beans, mung beans, and kidney beans that you can find in many stores. However, dark brown and black chickpeas may not be available, so you may want to call or check the apps first before ordering.


Snacks and desserts are many people’s indulgence when it comes to grocery shops. Therefore, some of the sections have a lot of selections of snacks. For example, you can find Bombay mix, chevda, puffed rice snack or charmuri, bhelpuri, spiced chickpeas, and crisp lentil noodles.

In many grocery shops in Scarborough, an entire aisle is dedicated to pretty much every snack that an individual desire. Some may be tough to find, like a deep-fried peanut butter snack called masala peanuts but trying other things and being slightly adventurous would not hurt a bit.

Some of the people who want convenience may look for pre-made desserts. For example, they can buy a creamy ras malai with paneer, carrot halwa, or deep-fried milk balls if they are particularly lazy that day. Learn how to cook ras malai from this site: Some of the desserts are located in the freezer section, so be sure that you won’t miss them.

4.Vegetarian Jell-O

Jell-O may be something unusual, but this can be a staple enjoyed by many in Scarborough. Some Indians tell stories when they were younger where they would have to wait for the packages of their relatives who live from the Western Countries or in Ontario and get the Jell-O. The considerable population tends to go with the vegetarian rules of the Muslim and Hindu religions, and the jelly is sometimes made without gelatin.

Some are vegetarian in nature, but they love Jell-O. If you can order this, you can stock up on orange, pineapple, and mangos. Some of these jellies don’t set as hard as the regular ones, and the trick for this is to add more water. The vegetarian sections are full of these desserts in the grocery, and you can ask the delivery guy or store clerks whether they have new flavors for you to try.

5.Ghee and Paneer

Paneer is a cottage cheese that’s considered an everyday ingredient by many Indians. Some people prefer to make their own paneer, and there are hundreds of tutorials on the internet about it. However, with the busy lifestyles and challenges of juggling multiple things today, there’s something easy about going with the readymade blocks of paneer from the grocery store. It essentially makes dinnertime a hassle-free experience for the entire family.

Some of the families could even make a paneer Mughlai curry in less than an hour. These dishes taste similar to that of many restaurants. The local dairy may also provide paneer blocks, and they are often found in the frozen section. They come in cubes or blocks, whichever is easier for you.

Another product that should be included in your dairy list is ghee. Some wanted to pair milk with their traditional ghee, but if you’re vegan, then it’s perfectly fine to go with vegetable oils. You may not use ghee more often, but you can stock up a small amount and use a teaspoonful if you’re in the mood for cooking dishes with authentic tastes and flavors. Ghee is usually found in regular pantry aisles, but many homeowners are storing these in their refrigerators.

Whether you need fruits, vegetables, grains, ghee, sauces, pastes, and many others, the local supermarket is just a call away. They will arrange everything, and you can pay online so that the experience will be hassle-free. Also, check with your local grocer if they have deliveries so you won’t have to go out yourself.

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