Introducing Ask the Chef

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | November 28th, 2011 | Ask the Chef

I was reflecting on Think Tasty recently and realized that it has seen a great amount of change.  Starting as an outlet for my creativity under the name of Tasty Thoughts, it has since grown to be one of the top ten Wasabi Media Group properties, publishing several articles each week.  Those articles have grown to include chef interviews and restaurant highlights.

I enjoy sharing my own recipe creations, but I recognize that I am not a chef.  Any skills that I have in the kitchen are self-taught and may not be the proper method.  To fill the void, we will be adding a new feature to Think Tasty, Ask the Chef.  In this column, your questions about recipes, techniques, and more will be answered by our newest specialist, Elizabeth Skipper.

Elizabeth has a Professional Chef’s Diploma from Modern Gourmet.  Studying under the tutelage of Madeleine Kamman, she graduated magna cum laude.  In 2006, Elizabeth opened The Everyday Epicure, which offers personal chef services and cooking instruction.  Elizabeth’s cooking talents can be seen through a quick review of the praise she has received from clients.

In order to begin publishing Ask the Chef articles, we will need questions.  So, please click on the Submit Your Question button to the right and let us know what question(s) you would like to have answered!

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