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by Michele Pesula Kuegler | February 7th, 2011 | Tasty Thoughts

As a mom, I completely understand the desire to put only the best ingredients into your child’s diet.  When my oldest was ready for solid foods, I remember reading the labels on baby food items, seeking products that didn’t have fillers, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredients.  In the end, I found some store-bought items that worked and made the rest myself.

Zac Normandin and his wife had the same experience.  During their search for healthy snacks, they discovered that even organic foods had sugar and corn filler added to them.  Organic labels alone were not good enough.  However, instead of making foods just for their daughter, they launched a line of snacks for toddlers.  Thus, Little Duck Organics was created in July 2009.

Currently, Little Duck Organics consists of a line of finger snacks, Tiny Fruits, which come in three different varieties:  blueberry/apple, strawberry/mango, and apple/banana.  All three of the products are made with organic, non-genetically modified fruit that is freeze-dried.  In addition, all of these items are unprocessed, Kosher Parve, and gluten-free.

Little Duck Organics initially launched their product in December 2009.  By August 2010, their product was available in Boston-area Whole Foods stores.  They now have expanded to Whole Foods stores in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. What makes their product both interest and unique is the fact that Little Duck Organics is the only baby/toddler snack product in Whole Foods that doesn’t have added sugar or fillers.  With a product as distinctive as that, it’s not shocking to learn that although this company has been selling its product for only 14 months, they currently are selling 20,000 units per month.

Now that my babies are teens and tweens, I am no longer in the market for toddler snacks, but I do appreciate how beneficial a product this is.  If you aren’t fortunate enough to live near a Whole Foods or other store that sells Tiny Fruits, they can be bought online.  To learn more about this product or purchase a bag or two, please visit Little Duck Organics’ website.

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