Midfield Café, Nashua, NH

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | June 27th, 2011 | Restaurant Reviews

My husband and I are both morning people, which means that even on a weekend he’s awake by 5:30 and I’m awake by 6:30.  With these “early” starts to the day, we both enjoy a morning that starts with work and is followed by a late breakfast.  After a few hours of exercise, chores, and work projects, both of us have created appetites that are ready for a hearty breakfast.

This past Sunday was one of those days.  As we wanted to spend the early afternoon doing some shopping for home decor and farm fresh produce, we needed to choose a restaurant in that general vicinity.  What came to mind was the Midfield Café, a restaurant which neither of us had visited in a couple years but both remembered as having good food.

Arriving at 10:30, both outside tables were taken, but there were plenty of empty tables inside the restaurant.  We were given our choice of seats.  All tables offer a view of the runway, so we chose one at the end of the row, away from the entrance.  A server appeared within moments, told us where the specials were displayed, gave menus to us, and took our drink orders.  While it wasn’t a major issue, the special board was around a corner, so I needed to walk back down the aisle to read the items.  (If it were a busier morning, I would have needed to stand in front of someone’s table to read the menu.  I hope in that instance the server would recite the list, as it contained only three items.)

After reviewing the menu and the special board, I had decided on an omelet, unless they happened to have banana bread french toast.  I had read many people praise this, so it seemed worth asking.  As luck would have it, there was freshly made banana bread, which could be made into french toast.  The server asked if I wanted just the french toast or the french toast plate.  The plate seemed the better choice.  Instead of three slices of french toast, I would get two slices plus two eggs and a side of meat for a dollar more.  For me, scrambled eggs provide a nice salty contrast to the sweetness of french toast.  The side of meat would be perfect to round out my husband’s order.

My husband ordered the sausage benedict.  For this item, he was given the option of hollandaise or white sausage gravy.  That was a nice option for him, as he especially enjoys sausage gravy.  The other choice in his order was his side.  In addition to the typical options of baked beans or home fries, he also could choose from fresh fruit, cottage cheese, or yogurt.  He opted for cottage cheese, a favorite side of his.  For the meat side with my dish, he chose corned beef hash.

It didn’t take long for our food to arrive, but during our wait we were able to enjoy watching a plane take off.  Although we had none of our kids with us, it did seem like a fun place to take them.  In fact, as our kids are tweens and teens, we decided that our younger nephews might enjoy this restaurant even more.

Our food arrived, hot and ready to eat.  My french toasted had a sprinkling of powdered sugar and some banana slices, which added some extra sweetness and flavor.  The french toast was well cooked, not soggy at all and almost no extra egg hanging around the edges.  The eggs on the side were cooked thoroughly, as I prefer them.

My husband enjoyed his sausage benedict.  The eggs were poached perfectly, with a still runny yolk and fully cooked white.  The sausage gravy was average, nothing original or exciting but nothing to complain about.  The hash was tasty but did seem as if it may have come from a can.  However, it did have a crisp, griddled exterior, which is appreciated.

Our service was slightly above average.  Our waitress did make sure to keep our water glasses full; however, they were large cups, so only one refill was needed.  The only negative was that a server delivered our bill to us literally 30 seconds after we received our food.  If it had been dropped off with a “just leaving it now, no rush”, it would have been received better.  However, as it was set down with a “here’s your bill”, we felt like there was a desire for us to eat and go. . .in a restaurant that wasn’t even half full.

I don’t believe I will be adding the Midfield Café to my list of favorite breakfast restaurants.  I do think I will be back to bring my nephews; they should enjoy the food and the view.

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