New Social Network Launched With Kitchen in Mind

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | October 30th, 2007 | Tasty Thoughts

As a food blog, we are always interested in finding other cooking and food Websites to peruse for kitchen ideas.  We recently found Recipe Key.  This Website can help you find recipes based on the ingredients available in your kitchen, level of cooking difficulty, and time spent creating the dish.  It can also be used as a means of social networking. 

We spoke with staff at Recipe Key to learn more about this Website.

How is Recipe Key going to distinguish itself from other social network sites?
Recipe Key is a social network with a twist.  The Recipe Key website aims to distinguish itself from other social network sites by giving its users in the online community a practical and everyday useful service.  By offering the ability to gain cooking insight from peers, learn about new recipes from fellow community members, and rate recipes posted by other users, Recipe Key is the first site to bring social networking to the kitchen.  The website’s innovative searching method allows users to search for recipes based on ingredients they already have in their kitchens, and helps users to discover a world of cooking possibilities

What marketing plans do you have to launch Recipe Key?
As the website is in its early stages, but already open to the public, we are utilizing a grassroots marketing strategy to spread the word about Recipe Key.  Through an extensive email campaign, strategic online forum discussions, and personalized word-of-mouth advertising, Recipe Key is steadily gaining exposure on the web.  We plan to continue this strategic approach while adding a stronger online advertisement component in the near future.  Our marketing goal is to establish partnerships with other websites in order to gain exposure cooperatively. 

What future features do you envision adding to Recipe Key?
We are currently working on the development of several new features for the site, including a tutorial video library called Countertop Companion.  These videos will guide users through various recipes and give the user the ability to cook along with the video.  This level of interaction on the website will more closely connect a user to the online community by allowing the user to comment on the video tutorials, give suggestions, and rate the videos usefulness.  We are also working on expanding the functionality of the Dietary and Allergy Restrictions so that in the future, a user will be able to input his or her personal allergies and Recipe Key will only produce search results within that user’s restrictions.  Another “Coming Soon!” feature to the site is the ability to substitute ingredients in specific recipes.  When a user finds that he doesn’t have a certain ingredient listed in a recipe, he will be able to see what other ingredients can act as substitutes for that original ingredient.  Recipe Key is committed to listening to the comments, suggestions, and recommendations from the website’s users.  We’ve created a public forum on the site that allows users to connect with other users, and also connect with us as the founders.  We monitor the forum daily in order to maintain constant contact with our users and their concerns.

Read more about Recipe Key.

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