Newbie Smoker Recipe (any meat)

by Editorial Team | January 3rd, 2021 | Cooking Basics

For most beginners, the sound or thought of preparing smoked meals is quite intimidating. Well, that may be true as achieving perfect smoked meat comes with its fair set of challenges. Yet that will not be your story after going through these tips.

Having knowledge of these critical areas will make smoking meat a downright comfortable process for any newbie. Meat smoking can be quite simple if you stick to these essential starter packs, allowing you to have a delicious meal even for a beginner.

So what do you need to know to hack this process and serve yourself the best-smoked meal if you are a beginner?

Know your meat

Knowing your meat implies an understanding that meat differs in toughness and content. Thereby like conventional ways of cooking, some take a while to prepare and cook fast. As a beginner, it’s essential to understand these dynamics. So as to help you make better choices on the easiest meat to smoke.

Therefore if you are looking to try out your smoking skill as a newbie trying going for ribs, seafood such as fish, or poultry. These meats have low-fat content and offer a comfortable smoking experience. Moreover, some particular meat may require you to get rid of the membrane for more excellent results.

Understand your smoker equipment

With the enhancement in technology, there are a variety of ways to go about your meat smoking. You can use the electric smoker, gas or the contemporary grill that will require wood or charcoal. Knowing which equipment you will be using to go about your cooking is quite essential. It will dictate what to do to get the best flavor and outcome out of your smoking.

Usually, the best meat smoker for starters is the electric smokers as they have all the right features to help you have a nice smoky meal.

Get to understand the different meat cuts.

The size and cuts of meat tend to dictate the time it will take to smoke it directly. Having lean cuts of meat with low-fat content allows you to have the least amount of time smoking. If lean cuts do not work for you, you can go for thick cuts and ensure they have plenty of fats and collagen. This Guarantees to keep your smoked meat moisturized while it cooks.

Know the necessary ingredients to be used

There are several recipes for different types of smoked meat as people go about it differently. Though there is one ingredient that enjoys universal approval, and that is salt for seasoning. Salt helps to give your smoky meat the tender experience and allow you to chew it easily. Moreover, it gives your meat a juicy taste along with flavor for a magical experience.

Tips to slay through meat smoking for beginners

1. Go slow and low

Since this is your first time smoking meat, it’s vital to pick a detailed recipe to have great results. Try working with recipes that encourage high temperatures with low smoke and take a shorter time with fantastic results. Moreover, learn to be patient as this process takes time.

2. Try not to overdo stuff

This process requires you to be moderate with how you handle your smoking process. Do not put so much salt or too much firewood. In case of other equipment forms, try and avoid opening the lid unless it’s indispensable.

3. Check the type of smoke

In case you are using the charcoal or wood grill, remember the type of charcoal or wood used to dictate the time of smoke formed. Black smoke will probably do more damage to the flavor of your smoked meal than good. If you are experiencing black smoke, you can choose to open the lid and allow oxygen. You may also need to get rid of the charcoal or wood responsible for such smoke.

4. Allow for easy circulation of air.

Remember, good quality smoked meals require the attention of adequate smoke along with reliable temperatures. Therefore proper ventilation offers a great way to keep the oxygen in for proper combustion allowing for healthier white smoke.

Getting a perfect smoked meal as a newbie may not be an intimidating process after all. Especially when you follow through with all these detailed guides and tips. Make the right pick on your meat, check on your smoking tool’s requirement, pick easy recipes, and make nice cuts. Basically, that is all it request’s of you so as to enjoy your next smoked meal.

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