NH’s Best Bread Baskets

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | September 10th, 2010 | Restaurant News

Typically I don’t eat a lot of bread.  We tend not to serve it with meals, and I usually prefer having a wrap for a sandwich.  For me, bread is something of an indulgence.  If a restaurant is serving regular dinner rolls or slices of wheat bread, even if it’s warm, it’s something I skip.  However, there are certain restaurants that we visit that I always plan on eating bread before the meal.  Of these restaurants, two are located in New Hampshire.

1. Michael Timothy’s/Surf, Nashua

Michael Timothy’s and Surf, both owned by Chef Michael Buckley, have simple bread baskets.  A couple slices of baguette and a couple slices of a cinnamon raisin bread grace the basket.  While the baguette is good in its own right, the raisin bread is the pièce de résistance.  As the basket tends to have one slice of each type per diner, I stay on my best behavior and eat only my slice.  Although I noted that typically I don’t eat bread, here I could eat both slices.  Of course, then I would be too full for dinner and would have a less than happy dinner partner.  Sometimes I debate those consequences, and consider that eating both slices of cinnamon raisin bread might be worth it.  With its soft texture, spicy cinnamon flavor, moist raisins, served warm and topped with butter, it is absolutely divine.  (Maybe next time I will eat both slices.)

2. Richard’s Bistro, Manchester

Richard’s serves a larger basket of bread that offers more varieties to their diners.  A typical basket may include* a baguette, sun-dried tomato and cheese foccacia, banana bread, and a soft cheesy breadstick.  In addition to receiving this amazing assortment of bread, they are delivered with three different toppings: an herb butter, a sweet butter, and olive oil.  Each one of the breads is delicious, delivering the sweetness or savoriness that is intended and having perfectly created textures.  Topped with a coordinating spread, each bite is amazing.  This bread basket alone could be my meal.  However, the food there is excellent, so it will benefit you to pace yourself on the bread, or arrive very hungry!

Of course, I am sure there are many other restaurants that serve bread baskets worth noting.  Please share- we always are seeking new bread baskets (and restaurants) to try.

*The basket ingredients change, so my description may not match what you receive.

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