“No Man’s Land”: Ladies’ Night at The Cut

by Jane Wangersky | July 16th, 2015 | Restaurant Destination

shanghai at night (400x400)Soon after starting research on this week’s topic, I was surprised — and glad — to discover that Shanghai is apparently the Girls’ Night capital of the world. Ladies’ Night is the approved term for it in the city, and at some clubs it means pretty much what that does in the West — free admission and/or drinks for women. But in other places, it can include all that plus free manicures and hair styling. And at The Cut, the weekly “No Man’s Land” means “manicures, chocolate fountains, cupcakes and free flow pink alcohol” from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM, with no men allowed in till after 9:00. It takes place every Wednesday night.

The Cut is a Western style steak and fries restaurant in the IAPM mall, which is also home to the efficient and affordable dim sum restaurant Tao Heung and family-friendly Din Tai Fung. (You might think, from my articles, that I’d recommend you never leave this mall during your entire trip to Shanghai. I’m not saying that’s a good idea, but it would probably be quite possible.)

The dinner menu starts with unlimited access to a seasonal salad bar for 68 RMB. Appetizers are heavy on seafood and run from 38 RMB for a single oyster to 108 RMB for foie gras parfait with brioche. The signature Australian steaks come with unlimited fries and a choice of six sauces. They cost from 200-488 RMB, depending on the size and cut. (For anyone who’s never had to cope with the metric system, just remember 500 grams are about a pound.) You don’t have to have steak; other dishes include burgers, sweet and sour chicken, baked sea bass, and even a vegetarian polenta dish with sun dried tomatoes. There are side dishes including mashed potatoes and cauliflower mac and cheese for a comfort food touch. All side dishes are 28 or 38 RMB. Desserts, apart from those cupcakes in No Man’s Land, include lemon meringue tart, flourless chocolate cake, and ice cream. If you don’t mind waiting 20 minutes and you have a friend to help you eat, you can order the hot soufflé pudding for 68 RMB. Other desserts, including a daily mini version, are 48 RMB and under.

Online reviews are mostly positive, with some clients complaining that the restaurant doesn’t get the Western food quite right.

The Cut is located at IAPM, 999 Middle Huahai road, Unit L6-606. Smart Shanghai.com has a handy feature here to help you get there by taxi: “Print the Chinese address to show to a driver.”

Editor’s Note: Also check out this article on how to get around the city while on a girls’ trip. 

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