Organic Volcano Lemon Burst and Lime Burst

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | June 22nd, 2011 | Tasty Thoughts

In my role, I receive many offers to sample products.  These products range from obvious items that aren’t of interest to items that would be interesting to try to items whose arrival is counted by the minute.  About a month ago, I received an email offering to send Organic Volcano Lemon Burst and Lime Burst.  These two products fell into the middle category: worthy of my time but nothing that had me awaiting the mailman at the door.

When the package arrived, I noted the typical plastic packaging, shaped and colored appropriately for each flavor.  I placed both of them in the refrigerator and decided I would find a recipe in the future in which to use them.  As things go with refrigerators, the lemon and lime were pushed to the back and hidden by other condiments.  Every few days I would see them and think, “I do need to use those.”

So, after a good deal of procrastinating, I took the containers out of the refrigerator.  I decided that the best way to determine how unique these juices were would be to sample them plain.  I placed a couple drops of lemon juice on a spoon and sipped.  I was amazed; the juice had the greatest depth of flavor of any lemon juice I’ve had from a bottle.  Wondering whether the lime juice could deliver such a profound amount of flavor, I tried that next.  Again the taste of lime and zest was astounding.

So, how does the maker, Dream Foods International, make a juice with so much intensity to it?  According to them, “What gives both of these diverse products that “fresh-pressed” taste and smell is the fact that they are made from 100% organic juices and are fitted with a revolutionary cap which includes the essential oils of the lemon and lime fruit and is released with the juice when squeezing the bottle.”

Sampling the Lemon Burst and Lime Burst reminded me again of the importance of buying quality ingredients.  Seeking out the best ingredients will provide the tastiest dishes.

Dream Foods suggests using these juices in place of calorie-laden dressings as a topping for your salad.  Not only will they provide a lower calorie meal, they will deliver a vast amount of flavor.  Additionally, I think these juices are excellent used in beverages (such as iced tea or a cocktail) or on seafood dishes.

In hindsight, I misjudged this product.  Lemon Burst and Lime Burst should have been in the counting the minutes until they arrive.

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