OXO Good Grips Click & Seal Travel Mug

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | July 16th, 2007 | Techniques, Tools, and Tips

I am a low-dose coffee addict. I don’t need to have an i.v. of coffee, but I definitely need my morning cup of coffee. I prefer to sip slowly on my hot beverage during the start of my workday. This leads to the problem of finding the perfect travel coffee mug. For a while, it seemed that finding this mug would be as hard as finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I searched many a rainbow, looking for the elusive travel mug. There have been mugs made of different materials, with and without handles, with different means of closing the drinking spout or with a continually open drinking spout. All of them have had flaws: the coffee cooled too quickly, the spout was hard to open, the cup slipped in my hand, it didn’t fit well in my cup holder. All of these journeys ended with a pot of fool’s gold.

However, my luck changed two years ago. Shopping in a kitchen store, I found the OXO Good Grips Click & Seal Travel Mug. There was a rainbow of colors before my eyes: red, blue, green, gray. I had seen many a rainbow, so I was dubious as to whether this rainbow would include the pot of gold. Only after purchasing and using this new mug, would I know if it were really good as gold.

The Click & Seal Travel Mug proved to be that pot of gold. Its many features made it the perfect coffee delivery system. The drinking spout opened easily with the click of one finger, which allowed many quick sips while driving to work. During that ride, the cup sat nicely in a cup holder, having a slim shape and no handle to interfere with its placement. The mug fit nicely in my hand and had an anti-slip coating that made it easy to hold.

With all of these features working for my new mug, it had one more test to pass: coffee temperature. I like my coffee to be piping hot, not quite enough to burn my taste buds but enough to make my throat radiate with heat. The mug was put to the test, as fairly often I don’t finish my beverage until a few hours after I have brewed it. The OXO mug passed with flying colors! My coffee was still the correct temperature.

My search for the pot of gold has ended, and my wishes have been fulfilled. There will be no more searches for the ideal travel mug. The OXO Good Grips Click & Seal Travel Mug proved to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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