Planning A Startup Launch Party? 7 Things You Must Not Forget

by Editorial Team | March 16th, 2017 | Restaurant News

Are you planning to throw a kickass start up launch party? Here’s how you can have the perfect launch and make sure that you get all the attention for your new business.

We know that planning, promoting and hosting any type of party is not such an easy feat, especially when it comes to a start up launch, it is all the more challenging. But, when you get the start up party right, you have a great way to inculcate your brand name out there, meet new customers and celebrate the birth of your own idea into a brand new product or service.

Here are seven things that you must never forget when planning for your start up launch party:

  1. Provide Special Cocktails And Food

Cocktails are great icebreakers that get the conversations going. Provide your guests with specialty cocktails that are sure to leave them refreshed. A highly recommended cocktail is that of the Moscow Mule Cocktail. It is a vintage light vodka cocktail, usually served in a copper mug and brings on the buzz.

Also, plan the food that you are going to be providing your guests. Serve up an enticing menu, to hold the interest of your guests.

  1. Tie All The Activities To The Theme Of The Party

Select your party activities alongside the theme of the launch party, keeping in mind the product or service that you would like to promote. Build your activities in tandem with the motto of your business line.

Also do remember to create a Twitter hashtag and promote your event through social media such as Facebook, so that people can still be active when using their smartphones.

  1. Thank Everyone For Coming With Small Mementos Or Take-A-Ways

When your guests exit the party, give them something on their way out to remember and cherish. If you can’t score great goods, get creative. Even an exit cupcake stand frosted with colors tied to your brand will end the event on a sweet note.

  1. Tune In The Entertainment by Matching It Correctly With The Event

Hiring a DJ is easy, but making sure that you select the right music to match the timeline of the evening in very important. Ensure to keep all the entertainment in line with the launch event. Do not let all the entertainment take the centre stage and forget all about the prime motive of the startup party event.

  1. Establish Giveaways And Freebies

You can enhance the overall retention of your event by offering the invites some promotional freebies and letting your guests know the time that you would give it away. For example, plan for a raffle ticket or a special prize for a lucky guest- Greet your guests by telling them that the giveaway will take place at this particular time after the promotional portion of the event. This way it will make your guests stick around.

  1. Reach Out

Send invitations to key people, use the social media to promote your event and reach out to all the stakeholders. Also, don’t forget to reach out to the press, journalists and local bloggers, who can provide you with more attention and write up about your business.

  1. Hire A Good Event Planner

If you cannot manage all the responsibility of planning, organizing and executing the event, it is always good to go with the experts. A good event planner will ensure that your objectives are met and nothing goes wrong. So, if you can, always get the professional help.

Plan the perfect startup launch party with the above tips and make your event a grand success. Show appreciation for your guests and they will in turn surely care about your new business, product or service.

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